Lose Weight Easily with this Simple Ingredient – Tequila!

Not all types of alcohol can make people fat, apparently…

A majority of people want to lose weight. As a matter of fact, thirty (30) percent of the world’s total population is obese and/or overweight. Meaning, about two (2) billion people were reported to have exceeded their recommended Body Mass Index (BMI), making them overweight or obese. Neither being overweight nor the latter is healthy and this state of health alone is enough to deteriorate humanity.

lose Weight Easily
The image was taken from Pixabay | Pixabay.com | Lose weight better and faster with tequila

Millions, if not billions, of people try to find ways on how they can lose weight and because of this, tons of diet plans and strategies were created to help different people with different body types achieve their body and health goals.

From the Keto Diet to intermittent fasting, we can arrive at the conclusion that dieting and losing weight is not an entertainment concern. In fact, it is taken seriously especially by people who need it.

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Other than the regular diet and fasting techniques done by many, are there other alternatives to losing weight fast? Well, just recently, a study which revolved around drinking a*****l and losing weight has been predetermined by Science itself. Although these findings were from a study from the year 2014, the idea of a*****l being extremely helpful to losing weight are in the mouths of people again.

In reference to the study, drinking tequila has been highly linked to not just having fun and partying, but also weight loss…

As per the American Chemical Society (ACS), they took a deeper delve into the realms of a*****l consumption and weight loss. Based on the research and data they have gathered, the effect of tequila on the blood sugar levels of people had a positive impact – not just for having fun.

In their findings, they saw and found that tequila had some forms of sugar that are found in the agave plant as well. If you have been living under a rock, tequila is made from the agave plant and they nurture and culture it and that’s what makes tequila.

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So, with these findings, they were confident in saying that the sugar in tequila – which, of course, is from the plant agave – are non digestible and cannot, therefore increase the blood sugar level of people. These simple sugars are called agavins.

How did the researchers test their findings?

Well, after unraveling the truth behind the powers of tequila, the researchers tested the agavins on mice. However, sad to say, but those mice were not able to test and taste tequila, unfortunately.

They tested the agavins by mixing it up, having the form which looks exactly like the mice’s drinking water. The mice had no idea that they were being tested and that it was just random. The results, well, are shocking.

Based on their data, the mice ended up with better, lower blood sugar levels. In addition to that, the mice in their experiment also ate less than the normal and showed a more enhanced insulin response.

According to the authors of this specific study, this can help, not only for weight loss but also in conjunction to Diabetic people.

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This puts agavins in a tremendous position for their consumption by obese and diabetic people.”

The authors were thrilled and happy with what they found out. But Jenny Friedman, a Registered Dietitian, has her own views and thoughts as regards this idea. Jenny says that it’s not very good to compare the agave plant to tequila and the mice to humans. Her point is that although tequila is made from the agave plant, it’s still different and there are other things you consume when you take a shot of tequila versus drinking the agave plant directly.

I think the findings about the connection between agavins and weight loss in mice are interesting. But let’s put this in perspective. Agavins and tequila are very different things — as are mice and humans. It’s a lot to make the jump that tequila can cause weight loss in humans based on the results seen in the study with agavins and mice.”

Coming from a Registered Dietitian, it’s really something we cannot fully assume to be legitimate. Other than the fact that the two (2) are totally different things, we still can’t directly point to a*****l promoting weight loss.

Friedman adds that a lot of people would be excited with this idea. However, we can’t just assume and assume.

As much as I’m sure some would love for it to be true, it’s simply unrealistic to expect that drinking any a*****l would promote weight loss.”

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So, are you still a fan of tequila? Would you still believe the study done by the researchers at the American Chemical Society? Tequila is one way to somehow erase your problems and worries about anything but, there’s not enough proof to further clarify that it really can aid with weight loss and diabetes.

What do you think?

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