Manuel Noriega released from Prison

Ex-dictator of Panama has been released from Prison a few days back to pave way for his brain tumor surgery.

If you were to be asked the question: What is a dictator for you? What would you answer? Personally, my thoughts of a dictator is simple: A dictator would not be a dictator if he doesn’t have skill; he won’t be entitled to that position if he is just a nutty-wutty who runs around telling jokes. A dictator is a dictator because of who he is and what he is capable of doing. So for me, a dictator is someone who is skillful; someone who has the ability to persuade and convince other people. One thing I hope for is that whoever gets to that limit, should use their skill and power for the goodness of the nation.

Image: RTÉ News

Manuel Antonio Noriega, an ex-dictator of Panama has been released from Prison a few days back to pave way for his brain t***r surgery. Who is Manuel Noriega you may ask? Well here are a few facts about him:

  • Nicknamed the Old Pineapple Face, Noriega ruled Panama in the 1980’s
  • He was ousted in 1989 by a United States invasion but sought sanctuary in Vatican mission
  • He spent 17 years in prison in the US and has been in Panaman jail since 2011 after he surrendered because US troops played loud rock music for days
  • He now has brain t***r and has been freed to undergo brain surgery
  • He will have to return to jail after recovery to fulfill his 60 year sentence

Just to give you a short synopsis of what happened, Noriega is someone who can be compared to a monster with his records of tortures and m****r of political dissidents. It is a clear fact that he is a b****l ruler. There is a movie which played the scene on how everything happened – God’s Favourite, a 2000 film where Noriega was played by Bob Hoskins, sought in the Vatican mission sanctuary and threw the towel when the Americans played loud rock music that went on for days.

He was taken to the US and spent almost 20 years in Florida prison after proving d**g trafficking charges. He was then sent back to Panama and spent the last 6 years inside the cell of where he ruled before.

After years of being bound in a cell, Noriega got a scent of fresh air after being released 3 days ago. His out-of-the-normal stay would be in his daughter’s apartment in a nice and prodigal neighborhood in the capital.

The schedule of the operation is on the 15th of February and has been told to undergo testing and assessment on the 28th of April.

Who knew, right? Brain damage can free a historical figure known for his brutality in just a snap of a finger. Yes, it is just rightful because brain t***r can cause many more problems and can lead to fatal instances but do you think that he should go back in prison to satisfy the time set for him before all of this began? What do you think?

What do you think?

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