Military Packing To Make Travelling Better

When it comes to travelling, you know that packing is the worst because you both start and end it there.  How you fill your bag is one problem and how you fix it is another.  Well in reality, packing your things is strategy as it contains how you picture things, it contains how you focus on fixing whatever you are planning to bring, and what you plan on bringing.

But did you know what type of people are well-taught in packing?  – The military people.  Soldiers, marines, sailors, etc.  Thanks to for asking few of the service members some techniques on packing and in travelling – here’s what they said.

Military Packing

Practice Makes Perfect!

Well, what if I tell you that the reason why service-men get good at packing is because they practice?  And they practice it as a part of their everyday routine?  May sound crazy but that’s how it goes.  They pack their stuff, unpack it again, and they pack it again.

Strategize your packing

Think of it this way: the first items you put inside the bag are the last ones to come out so you won’t have to ruin and dig deep each time you need something from your bag.  The extra pair of jeans and shirt that you “might” need?  Put them first so they are at the bottom; the activity shirt you need when you get to your destination? Put them last so they land on top.

Fold, Roll, and Tie

Ah, so you now know what I’m talking about.  In packing, make sure that the shape of you clothes/items are on their least so they won’t eat up too much space on your bag.  By following the fold, roll, and tie technique, you’ll end up just like playing Tetris.  For bigger garments like coats, jackets, sleeping bags, and jeans, try rolling them instead of folding so they’ll be in the smallest form they can be.

The weight

Now that you are all good with the shape and how you will put it in your bag, be mindful of how your body will carry your things.  “Whatever weighs the most must be in the center of your backpack closest to your spine,” says a drill instructor.  By doing this, you can be sure that the heaviest will be in the center – on your weight – rather than pulling back on you.

This applies to suitcases too.  One service member said “Break or divide your bag into thirds.”  Bottom third – medium weight; middle third – heavy weight; and top third – light weight.

Imagine a wall

One way of properly addressing and applying all of these is by imagining that you are building a fortress – a wall.  By properly thinking how you would put it, it would really feel less when you’re actually carrying it, says one crew member.  “Shoes and small bags act as bricks (aka building blocks). Shirts, jackets, underwear, and pants act as mortar that fills the space in between.” and then you’ll have a bag that won’t be ruined until your next journey if you fail to do these.

Bags in your bag

This is a quite common thing but if you’re part of those who just throw whatever they’ll bring in their bags well, better change that now.  Imagine your toothbrush sticking on the sole of your shoe?  Wouldn’t that be a bit bothering?  Have packs of bags in your bags for things like toiletries, phone charger, shoes, snacks, papers, whatever you think must be separated from your clothes.  This is to prove that even if you’re packing in the best way possible, you don’t forget cleanliness and true purity inside. Naturally, these things should be on the sides or at the top of your bags – the one’s you’ll be needing first.

Have the right bag for your trip

It really doesn’t matter if you pay a little too much for your bag because your convenience will be at cost here if you pull back on getting something.  Time, effort, and actually money can be the consequences if you thrift in getting the correct bag for your trip.

Packing is neither an easy nor a difficult thing – it’s just a matter of planning and strategizing.  Always remember these tips to ensure that your things will be at its best – and for your bag not to be spoiled!

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