Reasons Why You Should Never Wash Chicken Ever Again

You’ve been doing it wrong all along…

There are lots of people who wash their chicken – maybe before or after they are done cutting it. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that this habit is something that is not healthy both for you and for the chicken.

Never Wash Chicken Before You Cook It
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Experts and safety professionals are continuously and tirelessly advising people against this practice. Why? For the main reason that it can increase the spread of the bacteria that comes from the chicken. Cross-contamination is when one instance; it is where microorganisms are being transferred from one object to the other. It is harmful as it passes the bacteria unintentionally. Never wash chicken if staying healthy is what you seek.

Other than dressing it in every bit you like, simply washing it not good. There are a lot of studies that back this particular thought and it would be best to stay safe about it. Never wash chicken – whether you plan on roasting it, or if you are to fry it – even if you’re just going to smoke it.

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A Few Things You Also Need to Consider

Chicken is not the only thing to look after. As mentioned earlier, cross-contamination are harmful to other things. And in this regard, the chicken is not the one at fault; it can be your appliances, your kitchenware, your utensils – even where you’re cooking it can be dangerous.

Below are some of the things you ought to consider if you are to cook chicken.


In cutting chicken, be mindful to use only one knife for chicken, meat, fruit, etc. This is to avoid cross-contamination. If you do not have enough knife for each, make sure to clean your knife thoroughly before using it in other things. You can’t just rely on rinsing it with running water. Apply decontamination soap to it to be sure.

By doing this, microorganisms wouldn’t be passed on to other food and equipment in your kitchen.

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Chopping Board

Did you know that there are two (2) types of chopping board? The first one is the Wood Chopping Board, as we all know. This board is only suitable on chopping fruits and vegetables. The other one is the Plastic Chopping Board. These types of boards, one the other hand, are used for meats and chicken, simply because plastic will not absorb the blood that comes from the meat. By using wood chopping board for meat and chicken, you run the risk of disseminating bacteris – and it can be highly contagious.

Counter Tops and Sinks

Never wash chicken because if you do, bacteria may be passed on to other objects such as the things in question. Be cautious and careful in placing other things such as silverwares to your sink or your gadgets to your counter top. Never wash chicken so that the risk won’t be as high as if you did what you usually do.

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Your Hands

Yes, your hands. Always wash it as much as possible. You may not see the bacteria but our hands contain a lot of them – not only from chicken, but from other things as well. Your chicken might be free from it but the moment you touch it, it might have already passed on to the chicken.


Using apron when cutting or cooking in the kitchen plays a big role – as it prevents the bacteria to invade your clothes as well. Furthermore, it can keep our clothes clean and safe for contact to your children or loved ones.

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However, it can also be the source of unwanted bacteria. So, be mindful even when you are wearing an apron.

What Do Experts Say About This?

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), cooking your chicken to the right temperature will surely k**l any bacteria. A USDA technical information specialist, says that you should not – you should never wash raw chicken due to the risk of running potential cross-contamination of food-borne pathogens (salmonella, which can be very dangerous).

Bacteria cannot be removed from the meat, you k**l them. Cooking them at the right temperature will be the best way of doing it. For chicken, the thickest part of the meat should reach 165 degrees Farenheit or 73 degrees Celsius to make sure that the meat is safe to eat.

Some Chefs, on the other hand, say differently about this. Others say that it is not about the bacteria they are trying to remove, but rather the dirt or other things that clings with the meat. While other Chefs are against this practice.

They say that rather than removing the dirt, why not boil the chicken with vinegar or lemon to ensure both bacteria at visible dirt from the chicken? It’s easier, cleaner, and much safer!

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So, why should you never wash your chicken again? There are a handful of reasons. In our time today, we can always wish we’d be able to go back to where we were. Be cautious of your health and of your family’s health – never disregard even the tiniest bacteria and microorganisms that can impose a threat to your family well-being!

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