Simple Rules of Modern Etiquette

Courtesy and the act of being well-educated is not really that difficult to display – having these simply shows how you respect yourself and other people. Even if this is the case, there are little certain things that show true class and sophistication that only a few number of people know. Here are the simple rules of the modern etiquette which you should know.

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Never dry an umbrella while it’s opened – neither in someone else’s place or in the office

Yes, we need to dry our umbrellas out but we can do it in a way where we can’t disturb or ruin the place we are in. Fold it up and have it in an umbrella stand or somewhere where it can appropriately dry out.

Knock before you enter

Even if it is someone who is younger than you – may it be your child or your sibling, make it a habit to knock before you enter. Then that person will do the same when you are in your room.

Plastic bags should ONLY be used for coming from and to supermarkets

Using them as a normal bag is kind of a bit dull and annoying… Also the brand bags from boutiques.

In terms of going out, saying something like “I invite you” or “Come with me” means you’ll pay

If someone invites you to a restaurant and says “I invite you,” that means they’ll pay. If someone says “let’s go to this and that,” everyone pays for themselves; if a man offers to pay for someone, he/she can agree.

The person who exits first in the elevator should be the one closest to the door

Don’t be in such a rush, you’ll be able to get off as well anyways.

If you are going to stand in the escalator, make sure you are on the right side; the left one is for those who will walk

Delays most often come from those who cannot follow, to secure the flow of the escalator, stand on the right and walk on the left.

Discussing those who are absent, when it is just gossip, is truly unacceptable

Never ever talk about people behind their backs. Gossip is never a good thing – s**b people when they are facing you not when their backs are turned against you.

The maximum number of accessories you wear should not exceed thirteen – including buttons for fashion

You never wear a ring over a glove but you can wear a bracelet over it. Do not overdress in the wrong way; as much as possible, limit it to 13 and make them look fascinating – they are of course made to complement your look.

When you’re with a woman, hold the door of the car

Same goes when you are about to sit down, pull the chair and let her sit; offer to take her coat off and h**g it yourself. It never makes you less of a man anyways.

When you’re with a man, offer to split the bill

Even if he’s rich, offering to split the bill is a remarkable gesture that women should understand. It’s not about the expenses, it is about the responsibility you are willing to make.

Never visit without calling first

In today’s time, we can leave a message or call someone whom we want to crash to. It would never hurt to notify the person you are going to visit, right?

These are the top rules of modern etiquette; which one of these are the things you fail to do? Exclaim on these now and change how you look in other people’s perspectives.

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