After 27 Years in Coma, a Mother Wakes Up and Calls Out Her Son’s Name

One instance that a mother’s love can never be weighed

Have you ever thought of how people are when they are in a coma? I bet that you’ve never even thought of you being asleep for so long. Yes, this is possible and in fact, this occurrence is most often referred to as being under a coma.

This image was taken from The National UAE | | After 27 years in a coma, Munira Abdulla wakes up calling out to her son


For those of you who don’t know, a coma is a term used to describe a physical, mental, and psychological state of continuous unconsciousness in which a person cannot be woken up—they can’t respond to pain, joy, sadness like how they normally do because they stay unconscious.

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How long can a coma last?

In normal conditions, comatose or being under a coma can last for a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of the condition. Some experience a coma which lasts for several months while some experience it just for a few days.

Severe cases could lead a person to be unconscious for years without making a single movement. You can think of that specific person as brain dead or bedridden. However, they’re just in a coma—the possibility of them waking up is blurry but a chance is seen.

A mother under a coma for 27 years

Possibly one of the worst coma cases in history would belong to a woman whose accident happened back in 1991. Yes, she was in a coma for approximately 27 years. In and out of therapy sessions and development, doctors were able to help her open her eyes again even after a few decades later.

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Munira Abdulla, a woman from the United Arab Emirates, is one of the unfortunate people, having experienced a coma for 27 years. Yes, this coma is possible and people did not give up on her.

When she woke up, she immediately called out her son’s name which stunned doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners.

The National, a newspaper company based in the United Arab Emirates, reported on the 24th of April 2019 that Munira Abdulla, a woman who was involved in a car accident back in 1991, woke up to find her son.

What was the accident and how did it happen?

Experiencing the car accident, she was with her son and husband from school. She began the drive to their home and she did not expect that she will be seeing him after 27 years.

The vehicle she was in crashed with a school bus. After the incident, it took a couple of hours before emergency services were able to accommodate her. When she got to the hospital, doctors checked in on her and warned their family that Munira won’t be able to wake up. Her son, Omar, miraculously got out of the car unharmed and was able to walk completely normal.

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Omar said that he always had the feeling that his mother will wake up eventually.

My mother was sitting with me in the back seat. When she saw the crash coming, she hugged me to protect me from the blow. I always had a feeling she’d wake up.”

The doctors told Munira’s family that she was in a vegetative state wherein she is fully unresponsive but able to feel pain. After thorough checking, Munira was then transferred back to a hospital in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where she was fed and maintained by a tube and was kept and declared that she was under a coma.

Dr. Ahmad Ryll, one of the main doctors observing her, said that Munira’s state is that of as a plant—where they’re just waiting for her to develop and grow to fully function and mature.

Our primary goal was to grant her fragile consciousness the opportunity to develop; just like a delicate plant which needs good soil to nurture and grow.”

Munira to be taken to Germany

With the help of the crowned Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed, Munira was taken to Germany to be thorough treated with advanced technology and medication. While she was there, she was treated with several surgeries to aid in correcting certain muscles that were shortened plus few other physical surgeries.

Strange sounds

After Munira was subjected to different therapies which included sleep rhythm advancements and improvements for her wakefulness, Omar, her son, was able to notice that there was something positively different about her. He was able to see some enhancements in the condition of his mother and was joyful about it.

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A few years later, back in June 2018, Munira dumbfounded the medical team when she opened her eyes. Omar described the scenario as him hearing his mother making strange sounds.

She was making these strange sounds and I kept calling the doctors to check and examine her. They said that everything was just normal and it might just be my imagination. Then three (3) days later, after what seemed like a miracle, I woke up to the sound of a woman calling out my name.”

Omar was extremely happy to have met his mother for the second time after almost three (3) decades.

It was her! She was calling my name and I was flying with joy! For years, I have dreamt of this moment and my name was the very first word she said when she woke up.”

Today, Munira is now able to answer questions and speak to others by holding conversations. More so, she can now also tell people whenever she’s in pain. She can recite prayers, converse normally, and she’s able to project whatever she feels.

Being under a coma is never something to be taken lightly. Especially with the fact that people, even healthcare professionals aren’t sure whether or not an individual will still wake up. In Munira’s case, it was rather a miracle and a good stroke of luck when she woke up. Without the effort of her son, Omar, and the help of professional doctors and experts, this event won’t even take place.

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What do you think of Munira’s condition and fighting spirit? Who knew that even after almost three decades, someone under a coma is still able to recover and even remember the last thing that happened?

With the combination of the skill of doctors, her son’s perseverance and faith, and of course God’s will, Munira was able to spring back to life even after the concussion she had suffered a 27 years back.

What do you think?

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