Baking Soda on Bed? Backed by Science!

On average, people spend more than half of their lives on bed – asleep.  Which is why our beds should be kept as clean, neat, and organized as possible.  Fun fact, an average person releases sweat about a half pint each and every night, when sleeping.  Regularly cleaning our dream mediums should not ever be neglected because germs, dust, bacteria, and other debris might rule over it.

In general, it really isn’t that easy to clean a mattress but it’s actually one of the most important things we should be doing.  Why?  Because through the years, our beds absorb and let in huge sums of things that hosts dust mites.  There are multiple ways of properly cleaning your bed and ensuring you a good night’s sleep.  Here are a few of the more effective ways of doing so.

Deodorize using baking soda

One crucial step in cleaning your space is by getting rid of dust and particles, correct?  One way of doing that is by vacuuming your mattress.  You can hype up and enhance the vacuuming by adding this small but very effective step which is deodorizing.  As you know, with all the bacteria, particles, and debris on our beds, it can start to have its own scent.  In order for you to keep it fresh and neutralized is to sift baking soda all over your mattress/bed.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer which can eradicate unwanted smell by neutralizing it.  Leave it for about 30 minutes to an hour and then vacuum it all up.

By doing this, you are ensured to have cleansed your mattress and to have deodorized it naturally by baking soda.  But be informed that stains and blots won’t be removed by doing this.  To remove stains;

Baking soda mixture for stains

Fresh stains aren’t really forever.  Always remember that the longer the stains sit, the more difficult it is for you to remove it.  For stains, create a solution of:

  • Salt
  • Baking soda
  • Cold water

Once you have this, dip a cloth into it.  Rubbing hard in a circular motion can make the stain run deeper into the fabric.  So what you have to do is just blot the stain and try to lift out what causes the stain.  Damp the cloth with cold water to remove remaining debris of salt and baking soda – let it dry.

Do not always “make your bed”

Credits to the photo’s owner. Taken from here.

In a research done in 2006 and was published in the Journal Experimental and Applied Acarology, making your bed daily makes dust mites more comfortable in dwelling in your sleeping space.  On average, a single mattress contains more than a few million Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus or more commonly known as “dust mites.”  They dwell deep into the spaces of our mattresses and live comfortably when it’s packed up tight.  So, let your bed breathe most of the time; let it be open and keep it from being tucked because dust mites love when they are trapped and compressed.

Flip your mattress over

Make it a regular habit to turn your mattress over.  By doing this, you are keeping the wear on both sides equal.  Just imagine a wheel without going for the road.  This is to ensure that every side of it gets used and that tiny critters won’t be too familiar with the environment.

If you want a detailed and a video version of what you just read, check the video below and learn more tips and techniques to keeping your mattress fresh and healthy.

Do not ever let these things slip your mind because dust mites are not a joke.  They can be not relevant now but in time, you would notice the difference.  On top of that, your hygiene; make sure that you regularly check on what you sleep in and ensure that it is fresh and free from bacteria.

Who wants to sleep with critters all around?  Yikes!

Video Credit Clean My Space

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