Get Rid of Trash Can Smell in 10 Seconds with This Amazing Trick

Do you just hate the smell of garbage?

Everyone has trash and it’s everyone’s problem when the smell retains in the location where it is and where it was. Surely, everyone encounters this when they take the trash out since the stench of the garbage bin will be released and will be exposed to the air. How can you get rid of trash can smell, you may ask? Well, we always have air freshening products that can aid us in eradicating this smell. But have you ever heard of a way on how you can get rid of trash can smell in 10 seconds or less?

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When the time comes that we have to fix the smell of trash cans, a lot of us resort to the products we bought. There are numerous products in the market but that will either leave a slight stench in the air or its smell can be very powerful that it’s irritating to our noses.

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I am not going to lie; completely dissipating this odor can be a tedious task. Moreover, some products that you can use might even cost a fortune. However, our friends at Reader’s Digest were able to find a way on how you can completely get rid of trash can smell in 10 seconds without using harmful and chemically-induced over-the-counter air fresheners and products.

For this recipe, you’ll only need two (2) simple items and they’re not expensive and difficult to find — a cotton ball and an essential oil. So…

What’s the best and easiest way to get rid of trash can smell?

Make sure that your cotton ball is clean and unused. What you need to do is simple: you just have to soak a cotton ball in the essential oil and there you have it. You need to throw it in the bin before you actually take the trash out.

Doing this will not only remove the annoying smell of the trash can, it will also leave the kitchen — or any room — feeling and smelling clean and fresh.

How does this simple and easy trick work?

This is not actual rocket science. As a matter of fact, understanding how these two (2) things work will make you realize how it really works.

Cotton, as we all know, is a useful and effective material which is both durable and absorbent. This is why there are cases and scenarios wherein cotton or a cotton ball is used but tissue rolls and paper towels are not.

The cotton will fully soak the liquid without falling apart — essentially, it will absorb all of the oil and its scent and will stick around. So, in order for you to fully maximize it, make sure that you have this in place before you actually put in a new liner.

Since its a very good absorbent, you have to also replace it because it can and will absorb the odors around it. Take every two (2) days to replace it for the best and to achieve the most fragrant results.

What are essential oils?

These are the oils that are used to achieve freshness and fragrance. They have been becoming popular in the previous years because of digital tools and machines that spread fragrant odors in the room.

They are not just used to scatter fragrance. In fact, these essential oils have benefits that are truly amazing and can be used in a wide array of purposes. Some of these can be used from simple cleaning, cooking, to beauty care and hair care, too!

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The best essential oils for this project would be the following:

Since most trash that are not pleasant to the nose come from kitchens, here are the best essential oils to use to help you get rid of trash can smell.


As most, if not all, of us know, peppermint gives this fresh and cool feeling in the air. Yes, just like chewing a peppermint gum, the peppermint essential oil can help provide a crisp and uplifting scent that is both cool and fresh. In addition to that, this can help stray unwanted rodents in your kitchen, too!

Tea tree oil

Many of you read or hear tea tree oil  in hair and skin commercials. Why? Because it is an effective natural oil that is really an ingredient in making you look better, younger, and healthier. Tea tree oil contains antiviral and antiseptic properties, other than the fact that it can release a fresh and relaxing scent. These properties help the surroundings become free from bacteria and other unwanted viruses.


Probably the most famous essential oil there is; Lavender can give a relaxing and a peaceful aroma. At the same time, it is also so fragrant that you would want to go back to the room to smell it again. Just like the tea tree oil, it also has disinfectant and antibacterial properties which effortlessly gives fragrance and relaxation in the room.

Citrus oils

Known as natural cleaning agents, citrus oils offer a relaxing and a sensational scent that is both charming and useful. Lemon or Oranges are the perfect examples of citrus oils and are perfect in releasing a scent that is invigorating and mood-uplifting. They are the best shields when it comes to odors that we cannot bear.

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Cinnamon oil

Yes, to achieve a sweet and relaxing scent, why not try cinnamon oil? Cinnamon is used as an ingredient to the best dishes we know — and for a reason. While the others are antibacterial, cinnamon contains properties that can help your surroundings be free from unwanted scents for longer periods of time!

One of the things that are extremely important to remember is that using natural essential oils versus using disinfectants and sprays would most likely free you from different allergic reactions since these are natural. They don’t have any chemical content so you don’t need to worry if you are allergic to something.

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More so, this easy tip is not just for trash cans; if you have and notice something about the scent of a certain place, try and place a cotton ball soaked in any essential oil and notice the difference within ten (10) minutes.

Are you going to still stay with those disinfectants? Or is it better for you to go natural? Try this method and totally get rid of any kind of bad trash can smell in 10 minutes!

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