How to Save Stretched Necklines of Your Shirt

You don’t have to walk around with a damaged neckline anymore

We all have this dilemma—when our favorite shirt’s neckline becomes stretched. Most of us just resort to abandoning it; some even use it as a piece of cloth for wiping puddles. But now, a Japanese laundry expert revealed the technique on how we can resolve or repair stretched necklines of your shirts.

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What does a stretched neckline look like?

In case you are wondering, a stretched neckline is what will happen when a shirt gets rusted by time. To visualize it, here is what it looks like:

Fixing shirts with stretched necklines
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As you can see, it is the result of the shirt being old. It is one of the occurrences that shirt owners experience when the shirts don’t get washed properly or carefully.

What causes stretched necklines?

Time rusts everything. Shirts are made of cloth and over time, linens deteriorate. Try looking for a shirt you’ve had for three (3) years now; what does it look like? In expectation, it’ll have a stretched neckline too.

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Another thing that would probably cause a shirt to have a stretched neckline is when it is not washed with care. Clothes need to be washed to get rid of the bacteria and the dirt that it absorbed after you have used it. Some owners, however, are not aware of this. Therefore, after maybe eight (8) times of washing, the neckline is beginning to show signs of its deterioration.

How the shirt is dried

A Japanese laundry expert from Nexcy said that how a shirt is dried also has a lot of impact. Imagine this: when a t-shirt is dried and is hung out, the moisture from the shirt, because of gravity, tends to weigh the shirt down; which stretches out the neckline.

Can stretched necklines be repaired?

As we mentioned above, most people resort to throwing shirts that have stretched necklines to the bin.

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It was just recent that a Japanese laundry expert revealed a way on how people can repair their shirts with damaged necklines.

How can we repair our shirts with stretched necklines?

If you are thinking of cutting-edge, high-grade materials and resources, think again. According to the Japanese expert, we just need these three (3) things:

  1. A bowl with ice cubes and cold water (the water could be from the melted ice cubes);
  2. An iron; and
  3. A flat surface where you can lay your shirt on.

Procedure on repairing shirts with stretched necklines

Now, let’s get to the repairing of these stretched necklines.

Step one: Make waves

According to the Japanese expert, you need to fold the neckline in waves first. Make sure that the waves include the stretched neckline of the shirt.

It should look like this:

Stretched necklines repair
This image was taken from TEEPR

Step two: Soak it in the cold water

Once you have that in place, make sure that the waves of the necklines are intact and soak it in the cold water.

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Make sure that the waves are intact and that you soak it for about ten (10) seconds.

Step three: Squeeze the liquid out

After you soak it, you need to squeeze the liquid out while the waves of the neckline are intact. The pressure and the shape of the waves should be there.

Step four: Iron the neckline

Once that the liquid is out now (not dripping anymore), lay it on a table and rub it so that the waves will be gone so that the neckline takes its original shape.

Then, iron the neckline (preferably in an upwards motion) to flatten the waves further.

Step five: Lay it on a flat surface to dry

Lastly, lay it on a flat surface to dry the wet part out thoroughly.

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After you do all of those with all of your shirts, you will notice the difference. Try to take a photo of the shirt before you do the restoring of the stretched neckline.

So now that you know how you can resolve the dilemma we all share, why don’t you try it out? Fix the stretched necklines of your shirts and never put a thought about it any longer!

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