iPhone 7S Leak Delivers the First Bad News

There are rumors that Apple could release different versions of its next smartphone. They are offering, according to rumors, a variously named iPhone 7S, iPhone 8, iPhone Edition, iPhone X and even just ‘iPhone’ in different reports.

There are many reasons to be excited about Apple’s upcoming iPhone overhaul since its doing very well showing potentials with its new radical design and various screen options, but Bloomberg has now delivered news of the first sucker punches. A new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman specifies a lot of features about the new smartphone which includes a switch to OLED, a curved and enlarged display, an all glass chassis and removal of the home button. However there are reports also that delivered not-so-good news.

iPhone 7s
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“Apple’s plan to integrate the Touch ID fingerprint sensor into the main display is proving technically challenging and it’s currently unclear if that feature will make it into the final product,” said Guzman.

Apple has a  definitely boring Plan B iPhone backup which would simply move the fingerprint sensor to the back. Samsung has suffered the same problem with the Galaxy S8 and had to make the same compromise, though hopefully Apple won’t position it in such a ridiculous position.

In addition to this Gurman states that “supply constraints” could delay the release of the new iPhone to as late as November, which would create an almighty rush in the build up to Christmas. Whether Apple would take this risk or simply opt for Plan B, given Q4 is typically Apple’s most profitable financial quarter, remains to be seen.

Another one is the infamous KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has broken news on every major Apple device ahead of launch including iPad Pro, Phone 6 and 6 Plus and iPhone 6s. He says that the ‘display’ is one key part of the iPhone 7 will remain stuck in the past.

Kuo added, “Not only is Apple highly unlikely to finally move its iPhone to AMOLED with the iPhone display 7 in 2016 but not for years after that. In fact 2018 is the earliest we can expect Apple to migrate to a technology rivals have been using now for several years.”

There is a massive pressure on Apple to deliver a genuinely innovative upgrade on the upcoming 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. Both years 2015 and 2016 have shown Apple can still churn out incredible profits with incremental upgrades, but there is a growing sense of impatience from customers in the face of Galaxy S8 praise and Pixel 2 excitement who want Apple to prove it can lead from the front again.

Who cares anyway? Apple is widely accepted even though it is no longer a class leader in smartphone design and high quality display – the Apple ‘magic’ is still there.

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