The $29 iPhone Battery Replacement Ends in December

Is your iPhone’s battery getting weaker?

If you were not aware, Apple had a program wherein they replaced iPhone batteries for a very low cost. From the original $79 cost, they had it down by $50. This $29 iPhone battery replacement truly hyped everyone and so, millions of iPhone users took advantage of Apple’s promo. This year, however, the hype ends.

So, if you’re an iPhone user and you have indecent battery conditions, you have until the 31st of December to take advantage of the lowest iPhone battery replacement promo.

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Before we dive into it, let’s talk about some of the eligibility of this $29 iPhone battery replacement promo. Your unit needs to be an iPhone 6 or higher in order for you to be eligible for this low-cost battery replacement. If you meet these requirements, you can visit any Apple Store and have your battery fixed and replaced.

As per Apple, they heard different reports and feedback from iPhone users that battery performance and capacity of older iPhones  have been “weakening,” “throttling,” or “lowering.” This actually made them want to enhance the credibility of the brand, giving birth to the $29 iPhone battery replacement promo, last December.

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They said that their main goal was to preserve battery life on older phones and units; this ultimately prevents the phones from draining too fast, and ultimately, shutting down unintentionally. Feedback were given and as per their customers, they felt that the notice and the act-of-rejuvenating was a bit too late, making them think that the reason for the decline of performance is to somehow compel users to the newer models of the phones.

Apple felt their clientele’s rage and therefore, addressed the iPhone battery situation and performance via an open letter to their customers on the latter part of that month.

In the letter, Apple said that most beautiful thing that iPhone users would hear: that they would ultimately give out a drastic reduction of the price of out-of-warranty iPhones from the original $79 to $29; a $50 discount. More so, they said that this promo is applicable to users with an iPhone 6 or higher whose battery needs to be replaced.

One thing to take not of, though. According to Dave Smith of Business Insider, his fiancee currently has an iPhone 6S which experiences  a lot of battery issues for about months. They then decided to take it in an Apple store. In there, the employee tried to read and measure the battery life and capacity. They found that the degradation was at about 83%. Apple told them that the $29 iPhone battery replacement is going to be offered when the battery degradation hits 80%.

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Dave’s fiancee noticed major and drastic improvements after the replacement. As per him, she didn’t have to charge her phone every now and then, the battery life is now consistent and that it no longer needs to be charged all day.

So, if you think that you are experiencing the same thing, visit your local Apple store and inquire. More over, you can mail them your device before the 31st of December and pay only $29 to have your batter replacement.

What if I wait for next year?

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I don’t get the point of you waiting. If you want your battery to be replaced, if you want to take advantage of that $29 iPhone battery replacement promo, then make sure to do it before the 31st of December. No assurance or alerts have been made whether or not this promo will be extended. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Can I check my own iPhone’s battery life?

Yes, definitely. This can actually save you a lot of time and effort because you won’t need to go to an Apple store to just check your battery performance. The only thing you’ll do in the Apple store is when you’ll be availing the $29 iPhone battery replacement. To check your own battery life and capacity, your operating system needs to be at iOS 11.3.

This new version has an ability to allow you to view your battery;s viability. If you’re not at iOS 11.3, however, you can use and download the application coconutBattery. This app will allow you to have a view of your current battery life. After your app download, plug your phone in to your Mac, trust it on your iPhone, and launch the coconutBattery application on your Mac.

Are you experiencing battery issues with your iPhone? Do you have an iPhone 6 model or higher? If your answer to both questions is yes, then visit your Apple store and take advantage of the $29 iPhone battery replacement deal.

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