New Zealand is Planning to Plant 1 Billion Trees to Battle Climate Change

Any more efforts to save the world?

As most of us know, climate change is a current huge issue that all of us are constantly fighting. Not only does it alter the natural environment we should be experiencing, it’s also bad in a way that all people feel it. The sudden change of weather, the immediate shift of seasons, those things actually are a headache. Since this is the case, a lot of researchers and countries continue to look at different ways on how to go against climate change. New Zealand, has a somewhat unique touch to it. If you haven’t known yet, New Zealand is currently looking to plant 1 billion trees to battle climate change. Yes, you read that right, their goal is to conceive a billion trees to somewhat help our environment to recover.

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One Billion Trees
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Shane Jones, Forestry Minister said that the Cabinet was able to approve the making of these new programmes and partnership funds to gather and plant more trees. Not only does it benefit the environment, it can also provide many different opportunities for training, employment, and business.

As reported, the program would create possibly up to 1, 000 jobs. It’s the country’s building programme and would also be able to see big tracts of land in New Zealand’s eroded landscapes and native forests.

We’re allocating $240m from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) to support tree planting in areas where wider social, environmental,  and regional development goals can be achieved,” Jones said.

Although you see a mesmerizing $240 million budget right here, that’s just the start. The total budget of this project is at $485 million over the next three (3) years. As of the moment, the approved amount is only at $240 million but when this becomes approved, this specific program will have a relevant role in its efforts to diminish climate change and provide job opportunities.

Their goal to plant 1 billion trees is to have a “zero emissions trading scheme (ETS) program.”

Getting the ETS right could drive the planting of 340 million trees over the next 10 years – double the amount that would be planted  if the ETS was left in its current state. This is one of the most important levers the Government has to incentivise the planting of  trees to help reach our Billion Tree programme’s goals,” said Jones.

If we plant 1 billion trees, is it enough to completely obliterate climate change?

Unfortunately, no. However, it would be a big improvement as an overall result. New Zealand itself is a country with an abundant amount of forests with an ample amount of plants and trees. It’d be easier for plantation to thrive and to have general positive impact there. More trees would mean that gas emissions from the atmosphere would be lessened, due to them being pulled. Moreover, they are also extremely beneficial to shield landscapes from climate change consequences like storms and flash floods. By this project, we can be sure that we’ll have clean air, water, soil, and more sources of natural resources.

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Is New Zealand the sole country to have this vision?

Fortunately, no. India, being the most-dense country, had previous ambitions in projects like this. Their proposal is a whopping $6 billion to “rejuvenate and expand their nation’s forests.” In addition to that, Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, also had this idea and will plant around 10 billion trees, as per NBC news.

More and more countries are starting to take the big leap in helping the environment out. New Zealand is just one of them. They have an aim to lower emission  levels by at least 30% in the year 2030. Although this won’t permanently mitigate the problem of our planet, it will drastically improve the condition we are currently in.

Countries need to start cutting greenhouse emissions. As a matter of fact, there are numerous ways to do this and it’s just right that we need to be aware of what it is. Starting small will eventually lead to something big; little things like recycling, maximizing the use of natural resources, and planting trees could help mother nature a long way.

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The plan to plant 1 billion trees to battle climate change is just one of the more drastic ways on how to help cure the current standing we are experiencing.  Hopefully, more plans of improving the overall health of our planet pours in. It’s a global effort that needs the cooperation of everyone living in the planet that concerns it.

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