Viral: Smart Dog Crosses the Streets Better than how People do

Now you know why they’re called a man’s best friend?

Ever wondered how dogs move and act the way they are? As we know, we’re the smartest beings here on earth, but how can doges be smarter? Haven’t you ever thought of any dog accidents that happen randomly? Unless, of course, it’s initiated by the person driving. Contrary to popular belief, dogs are smarter than we think; one reason why they’re dubbed as the man’s best friend. Because of their sensitivity and uniqueness among other animals, they’re truly considered as smart pets.

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Smart dog
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A video about a smart dog was posted and it’s an actual sight for sore eyes. “Smart dog” might seem a little bit redundant but it’s actually what you’ll think of them when you see the video. You will be shocked at how the dog behaves on the roads with respect to traffic lights and the pedestrian lane.

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To start things off, traffic lights are made to balance how the traffic flows generally. It exists to maintain the orderliness and the neatness of the traffic – the cars and the people who move in and around the roads; to mediate and to coordinate the flow of the traffic itself. Overall, there are traffic lights to avoid road accidents and mishaps. Growing up, we learned how to properly read and interpret these traffic lights. If the green light in your direction is lit up, that simply means that you can go; if the orange is lit up, you’d have to be extra cautious because what comes next is the red light which utterly means that you have to go to a complete stop.

In the video, you will see a combination of everything; a dog, people, cars, a pedestrian lane, and traffic lights.

The video features a dog on one end of a pedestrian lane; this smart dog is actually aware of how traffic lights work. The dog patiently waits for its turn without interrupting the traffic drastically. In fact, it doesn’t interrupt the traffic at all. If you watch the video, you will witness the brilliance of this smart dog as it defies the knowledge and the comprehension of some people.

You will see how to dog patiently waits to cross the street when it’s the right time. Comparing it to the people who just cross whenever they want to. It’s truly an amazing sight to see an animal act and be better than most of the people who encounter this type of scenario on a day-to-day basis.

Image was taken from Bigger By The Day Youtube Channel

A majority of the netizens admired the smart dog; they were able to witness how the dog put itself in the right place; by waiting for his turn to cross the street, thousands of people praised the behavior and the overall discipline of the man’s best friend as it showcased pure intelligence, patience, and outright behavior.

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