The World’s Oldest Hotel is in Japan and it is Operating for More Than 1,300 Years

Ever heard of the world’s oldest hotel?

Are you fond of hotels? If yes, then you should probably know about the world’s oldest hotel. How old do you think the oldest hotel is? How does it look? To tell you, the oldest hotel is not in North America or in Europe, the world’s oldest hotel is in Japan. When is it made? Well, it was built in the year 705 A.D. and it’s located in Hayakawa village in Japan.

Image taken from the Keiunkan website |

The hotel’s name is Nishiyama Onsen Keiunan and is now aged at 1,311 years old. There was no time that the hotel was not operational, except, of course, when there are renovations and fixtures.

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Fujiwara Mahito, the person who owned the hotel back then, had almost 52 generations of his descendants operating the hotel and since then, the hotel had seen success and through the years, improvements and enhances were made.

How does the world’s oldest hotel look?

Image taken from the Keiunkan website |

If you think that the hotel looks old, full of cob webs, and smells like old wood, think again.

When you enter, you will experience the modern type of accommodation with a traditional Japanese feel and interior design. The hotel is not only for commoners, the hotel’s actually also taken by well-known people like politicians, samurais, and celebrities because of one of their amenities – their famous hot springs.

The hotel’s staff

People who work in the hotel always ensures that all of their guests are treated with the best amount of respect and accommodation. They’re overall friendly and they’re part of the reason why an awful lot of people are going back to the hotel.

What do you think is the family’s trick in conserving the flawless service of both the hotel and its staff?

Looks like the family, through the years, were able to conserve their excellency and expertise in organizing, handling, and managing close-to-perfect customer service to preserve the hotel’s life.

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What amazing things can you find in this hotel?

Technically, the main reason why people visit the hotel is because of its hot springs. Outdoor and indoor bath includes hot springs that can accommodate a number of people. In total, there are six (6) natural hot spring baths in the hotel you can utilize if you want serene relaxation.

Image taken from the Keiunkan website |

Moreover, there are traditional Japanese meals and delicacies you can try that are offered in the hotel. You can really live the life of a traditional Japanese in this hotel.

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The hotel rests in the mountains of a remote valley in Japan. One key things is that this specific hotel is within driving distance from the famous Mt. Fuji.

It consists of thirty-five (35) rooms that guests can use to stay in the hotel. Though the last renovation of the hotel was in 1997, the rooms, the hallways, even the views remains traditional and it blasts with culture. Classical art and furniture are seen inside the rooms and the hotel itself.

The benefits of the hot springs

According to reports, the hot spring baths here is one way how people who underwent the war relieved muscle aches and pains in their bodies.

Image taken from the Keiunkan website |

The outdoor springs, other than the fact that they can help you relax, they also have some sort of relief for aches in the body.

Now, people see it as some sort of a relaxation tool. They’re hot springs, they’re made for us to relax and to be free-from-stress even just for a while.

Since it’s a hotel, would Wi-Fi be available?

Unfortunately, no. The hotel boasts for its relaxation and serenity. You won’t be able to have access to wi-fi. Furthermore, the cell reception there is not good as well. While there, you’d have to submerge and immerse yourself to the beauty of nature and your surroundings.

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How much would a night in the world’s oldest hotel be?

With the price, you would definitely figure out why it’s being flooded by known people in both Japan and the world. Though a night for two (2) which includes breakfast and dinner starts at about $368.33 per night.

That’s just the starting amount, take note. It can go up depending on the trend, the season, and the type of room, of course.

Are you planning on visiting Japan soon? Are you trying to find classic hotels and vintage ones? If you’re the adventurous type, you can take advantage, visit, and check-in to the world’s oldest hotel and indulge in classic and modern Japanese culture there.

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