Tired and Annoyed by Your Daily Commute? Wait ’til You See How a Train Ride Looks Like in Bangladesh

Could this train ride get any worse?

All over the world, there are many different means of transportation. As a matter of fact, it is one way how governments make money. It is effective because not everyone has cars; not everyone can afford to pay for a car or even the daily gasoline-need itself. This is why there are many different means of public transport and that would include cabs, motorcycles, private-rides, and trains. One, if not the most, common means of public transport is the train. A train ride can be looked at like a convenient ride but many see it as a nuisance. Why? Because of the volume of people who use it.

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Riding the train every single day can be convenient for some, and troublesome for others. You’ll just ride the train and let it take you to your destination. Sounds easy, right? But have you seen the train ride in Bangladesh? Well, if you know how their train rides are, you will be thankful that your travel is not as heavy and difficult as it is in Bangladesh.

There was a video posted that alarmed many people. This Bangladesh train ride is not only troublesome but also dangerous. Why did I say dangerous? Well, here are a few of the snaps of that Bangladesh train ride everyone is currently thinking about.

Image: DailyMail.co.uk (Dangerous Bangladesh Train Ride photo: from Daily Mail Online) (Yousuf Tushar | Solent News)

As you can see in the image above, hundreds of people are trying to get inside the train. They don’t think about the danger, they just think of them being able to hop onto that train to start their journey.

Dangerous Bangladesh Train Ride
Image: Beautiful Places To See Youtube Channel (Yousuf Tushar | Solent News)

In this image above, you will see that there are about hundreds of people standing on the railways. To add to that, people are also gathered on the roof of the station so they can easily step on the roof of the train (if there’s space, of course).

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Yousuf Tushar, a documentary maker, spent almost the whole day to just film and capture the busy station in Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to Tushar, if there is no room available inside the train, people would battle everyone to be in place on top of the train.

Those who fail to get a place inside the train end up climbing onto the roof or holding onto the sides and fronts of the train.

It is dangerous because according to Tushar’s reports, there is no type of support while you’re on the roof of the train. Sometimes, you will have to rely on balance and the help of your fellow commuters on the roof. To add to that, the train travels at an astounding 27 miles per hour. Imagine the danger that this type of transportation has.

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Tushar adds that more than 2, 000 people climb on top of the trains in order for them to have the assurance that they’ll be able to get to their destination.

He also says that this type of train ride is the effect of having poor transportation management in Bangladesh. Because they’re not able to resolve these types of issues, it looks like this to the whole world.

Image: DailyMail.co.uk (Picture was taken from Daily Mail Online and Yousuf Tushar and the Solent News)

Adding in his report, during holy days, festivals, and important occasions, more people take the risk just to be on their journey. Therefore, the trains would have to stay and stand strong because of the extra added weight that these people contribute to the train.

Because of the complexity of the travel, some people need help in order for them to successfully board the train. They would either be helped by the people inside the train (to be pushed), and people on the roof of the train (to be pulled up). Once again, another set of danger sets in for these travelers.

Image: DailyMail.co.uk (Picture was taken from Daily Mail Online and Yousuf Tushar and the Solent News)

In order for this issue and danger to be resolved, the government of Bangladesh should improve the transportation system so that the number of people will be controlled. More so, they can enhance it by adding trains, computing for the intervals of the arrival of trains; and for overall, controlling the flow of people in stations and in trains.

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Hopefully, their government notices this for them to fix it right away. This endangers the lives of the people who take risks just for them to go home. Now, can you tell me again how hassle your daily commute is?

Click this link for the video by National Video The World.

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