Facebook may Release an Unsend Message Option in Messenger

Ever hesitated in sending a message to your friends? Have you ever ran into that dilemma? If yes, then you should start enjoying. Facebook might soon roll out an unsend message option in Messenger. Yes, you will now have the option to retreat in sending that message. This new feature, however, is still currently in the works. This unsend message in Facebook Messenger will allow you to somehow recall the messages you already sent.

I know that we all wanted this feature to be available. It’s kind of a hit for people who are indecisive; moreover, this is effective in terms of sending messages with information to avoid re-sending messages.

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Jane Manchun Wong, a tipster of TechCrunch, was the first one to discover this extremely useful feature.

She uploaded a photo of a screenshot from her Android smartphone which has this Unsend Message feature. She was actually the one who found out about other Facebook prototypes and shared the word to everybody.

In the photo above, you will see the Unsend Message option above the delete message one. The photo beside it, however, is the confirmation wherein it asks you if you really want to unsend the message.

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What could the Unsend Message Option in Messenger be used for?

This option will highly be useful for people who are hesitating to send messages. In addition, this could be a good addition because it periodically deletes the message from the chat itself, not just from your side because as of the moment, that feature is still inexistent. If you delete a message, the message will only be deleted from YOUR conversation, not as a whole.

In addition to what Wong said, she also told us that the unsend message option in Messenger is only applicable after a specific period of time after the message has been sent. She was basing it on the prototype where she discovered this new feature.

Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg managed to secretly delete old messages in Facebook last April. This act created a lot of questions in terms of the feasibility of what he did. Now, Facebook is on it’s way in improving the capability and features of the app. No specifics yet on what operating system it’s going to be compatible with but we should wait for further announcements.

Facebook said that this unsend message option in Messenger is currently being experimented internally. They do not have details on when this feature will be available, as per them.

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What do you think about this feature? Would this be helpful and useful for you? Find out more information about this by staying tuned!

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