Thousands of Fish Washed up in the Shore for Fishermen and Residents to Catch

Could you get luckier than this?

Wouldn’t it be such a blessing for things to be handed down to you without difficulty? Well, that’s what fishermen in Malimono, Surigao del Norte felt when they saw thousands of fish on the shore. Yes, it’s like the ocean conspired with them for these schools of fish to be washed up on the shore for them to easily catch them. So, they didn’t need to go to the middle of the ocean to catch thousands of fish; all they had to do, is to walk up to the shore and pick them up. .

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GMA News TV’s Balita Pilipinas reported this Monday that fishermen in Malimono didn’t have to exert maximum effort to reach their quota in their catches. Moreover, even residents there gathered and got fish, it was just too many!

In the video, you will see groups of people ecstatic about what happened. Thousands of fish were near the shoreline and they just needed nets for them to catch them. They did not need to travel to the midst of the ocean to catch some fish, it’s like the fish really came there on purpose.

The people were on their own, catching their own fish. It was like the whole planet shifted and the fish were already washed up near the shoreline. According to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, this occurrence is natural every year. This is because of the flow of water coming from Agusan to Surigao del Norte.

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Fishermen and residents were more than thankful of this blessing. After the chain of storms that hit our country, it’s actually not a mystery why fishermen and farmers weren’t making so much. Because of this, they were able to cope with the loss they suffered after the storms.They didn’t have to travel hundreds of kilometers just for them to catch their fish, it was brought to them naturally by how the oceans were created.

What do you think about this occurrence? Were their prayers answered by the thousands of fish washed up almost near the shoreline? Stay tuned for more viral and trending topics!

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