Most People Ignore These Vitamin B12 Deficiency Signs

A big part of our responsibility is to make sure our body is in good condition; ways of ensuring that is by taking supplements, having a good diet, and being physically fit.  One vitamin that is often forgotten by many is vitamin B12.

Let me give you a short explanation of what vitamin B12 is.  Part of the eight B vitamins and also known as cobalamin,  it plays a key role in the nervous system, the normal functioning of the brain, and in the formation of red blood cells.

Warnings of deficiency is not that evident; which is  why you should keep a keen watch on your health.  In this article, you will be aware of the signs of vitamin B12 deficiency which you should take action immediately.

You will be given a list of food that are vitamin B12-rich later in this article.  For now, focus on the early not-so-noticeable signs and symptoms for cobalamin deficiency.


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Although it could mean many things, numbness can be good sign of this deficiency.  When a certain person is not getting the right amount of B12, nerves can be damaged.  When nerves are damaged, you start to feel numb in some parts of your body; oftentimes, your toes and fingers start to feel numb randomly.

Numbness can be a sign of a serious medical concern.  If you think you are having this, do not hesitate to visit your health care professional.

Fatigue as a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency

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Being overtired can be normal especially for people who are working.  But if you feel that you get tired out too easily, this might correlate to cobalamin deficiency.  Since this vitamin is responsible for the regeneration of red blood cells, lack of B12 can make you feel you’re overly tired most of the time.  As red blood cells deliver oxygen to the cells, no matter how much sleep you get, you’ll still feel tired if you are not supplying enough vitamin B12 in your system.

Want to know if your feeling of being tired is related to this deficiency?  Have yourself checked by blood samples; that alone would be able to supply information if you are having low levels of B12.

Gastrointestinal Occurrences

Gastrointestinal Occurrences
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Do you consider mild diarrhea as a normal part of your everyday life?  Anything from this to mild-severe constipation is a good sign that your B12 levels are running low.  People who eat only a few animal products and vegans are the group who are more likely to have this deficiency.  Why?  This is because eggs, milk, and meat are main sources of this vitamin.

Although there are supplements that supplies vitamin B12 to the body that these groups of people can consume, they are at a higher risk of this deficiency.

Neurological Impairments

Neurological Impairments
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One clear and sure sign of what we are talking about is when you experience impairments in the neurological aspect.  Do you think your reflexes became slow?  Or are you having a not-so-good to poor balance lately?  If your answer is yes, then you probably might have this deficiency.

Overtime, these mild problems could become severe if not actioned thoroughly.  Visit your doctor without hesitation if you notice that these symptoms are just right around the corner.

A deficiency in vitamin B12 is not a joke.  It can cause you to have your nervous system diminished over time; hell you need it to make yourself some righteous DNA.  If you know to yourself that you are experiencing these issues, do not hesitate to action it right away.

As we all know, getting nutrients and minerals from natural sources is the best way for us to absorb it.  Although we have supplements to support that, it still might not be enough for us to be ensured of good health.  As mentioned earlier, you will be provided of a list of food that are rich in vitamin B12.

  • Milk
    • Skim
    • Chocolate milk
    • Buttermilk
  • Yogurt
    • Plain yogurt
    • Fruit yogurt
    • Greek yogurt
    • Greek, fruit bottom yogurt
    • Yogurt beverage
    • Soy beverage
  • Meat
    • Liver (lamb, beef, veal)
    • Kidney, veal, cooked
    • Kidney, lamb cooked
    • Giblets, turkey, cooked
    • Liver (chicken, turkey, pork), cooked
    • Pate (goose liver, chicken liver)
    • Kidney, beef, cooked
  • Poultry
    • Turkey, duck or chicken, cooked
  • Beef
    • Ground, cooked
    • Various cuts, cooked
  • Pork
    • Various cuts, cooked
    • Ground, cooked
    • Ham, cooked
    • Bacon, strips, cooked

Basically, this list of food gives you the right amount of vitamin B12 depending on the serving.

You can see the food that are rich of the vitamin and you can visit your local health practitioner and ask to be consulted.  Don’t let this curable condition put your life at risk; make sure you are receiving a thorough amount of B12 – visit your physician if you are doubting.

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