Are You Blood Type O? Here’s What You Should Avoid To Save Your Life

Well if you try and remember what basic Science was, you would know that there are different blood types.  Specifically, there are: type A(+, -),B(+, -), AB(+, -) , and O(-, +). Let’s not get too technical here. Blood type O is actually the most common and the more important. Why? Because being blood type O gives you the ability to donate red blood cells to ALL OTHER BLOOD TYPES. Since it is the most common, we’re actually relevant in keeping the community alive and flowing. About 1 out of 3 people have O+ blood. Yes, and don’t you think that’s a bit unfair?

Kidding aside, there are certain things that make people from this blood group special. One thing you need to know about people with blood type O is that they are more likely to be attacked by diseases. Yes, that is true. However, there are studies that show the special things that people from this blood type have.

In addition to the above, the more common types of diseases that attack people with blood type O are: thyroid dysfunctions, ulcers, iodine deficiency, and low levels of thyroid hormones. Furthermore, these specific diseases can cause side effects that would be evident. Side effects like water retention and excessive bodyweight.

In Japan, blood types have big implication in relationships, career, and life overall. Some employers even ask for the blood type when they are interviewing for a job!

Moreover, Japanese see people with blood type O as focused, organized, committed, and practical.  

Another not-so-good thing for people in this blood type is that they are impulsive and hyperactive. Meaning, when they’re under excessive amounts of stress, they get easily irritated and they treat it more seriously. If you are part of the group of this blood type and you have an unhealthy diet, then you should now take what you eat more seriously. Because of the sensitivity of your overall condition, your chances of being vulnerable to diseases such as insulin resistance, weight gain, and thyroid activity rises. Pairing it up with an unhealthy lifestyle brings a higher risk.

So what do we want to tell you? It’s simple – if you are blood type O, stay away from a*****l and caffeine. Why? Because people in this blood type are already high in adrenaline levels and we don’t want it to overflow. In addition, you should also exercise at least 3-5 times a week not because of cardiovascular diseases but because of the weight gain that the blood type promotes. Only 14 out of 1, 000 suffered a heart attack last year; this simply means that people of this blood type is less likely to experience cardiovascular diseases than the other groups. But this does not stop you from gaining weight and from being affected of the side effects of obesity.

Now that you know what your blood type can do to you, you can now focus on being able to improve your overall health. It doesn’t mean that you can or cannot do things that people from another blood type can or cannot; it’s just simple reminders and slight facts so be keen!

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