Why Do Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends?

An intelligent person’s brain works in its own way, and it makes a difference even in the way we treat communication as they do.

There’s no suspicion that everyone needs friends and that communication has its advantages in having a friend as many as you want.

According to some researches, people who are intelligent are more likely to have less friends. Science has proven this again using the Scientific method. And of course, we aren’t scientists so it’s not really weird if we ask the question – Why?

Intelligent People

Doesn’t it make you think? Or even wonder? Do you ever recall a time when you saw someone being so intelligent and is at the same time, a jock or popular? There may be some cases but it is rare. Now, let us know how and why this is.
Here’s why:

  • They’re speech and actions are contrary to those of their friends. They have strong ways of thinking and principles and so their mind isn’t restricted on just one thing. They always have something to say and they’re not bothered on others opinions.
  • They don’t have time for senseless conversations, though they try to keep up with what everyone is up to. But mostly, they spend time by themselves. They don’t care about the latest trends or the latest music; they don’t care about any materialistic things. They also don’t have fear of missing out because they’re quite contented doing their own thing.
  • Intelligent people distance themselves from people who aren’t worth their time. They don’t like people who are social climbers; those who try to get involved with certain people for the sake of being popular or to simply look good.
  • They are modest and encouraging to all but they don’t put their time and trust into people who don’t deserve it. They hate unfaithful partners and disrespectful behavior because they are far more mature.
  • They prefer doing things according to their own terms or will and they don’t agree with things like going out at night with the bar girls. Family is their priority, it is more important to them. They want to avoid such thing because they know they’ll regret it someday when some instances put them in a bad mood.
  • They are contented with what they have. They are simply independent and tough. They don’t rely on others and there’s no need for them to prove their worth to anyone because they can support their own selves. They grateful for the little things and don’t feel the necessities to be accepted by anyone but just themselves.
  • The intelligent people know from the very start who their real friends are. They’re very careful in letting new friends in their life; they are aware of who’s curious and who’s concerned.
  • They don’t like telling others their dreams to small and narrow-minded people because they find it uncomfortable. They always work hard to achieve their goals, while others are trying to plan their night out at the club. They see more than just going to a club; they see a life they want to pursue and they focus on doing it.
  • There are few that take the intelligent people so seriously and know how unique they are. These people are the ones they have time for and make effort with, but some find them as a threat but they have no fear confronting someone when they’re out of line.

Yes, it’s hard to be intelligent. Such people may seem to live in their own small world. People with above-average intelligence, social activity is more like an  evil or distraction rather than the essence of life. Most geniuses are loners, and few people understand and accept them. They are sometimes bullied. In fact, the more these smart people have to communicate with others, the less happy they feel.

An intelligent person’s brain works in its own way, and it makes a difference even in the way we treat communication as they do.

No matter how intelligent one may be, we should all live together and of course, with one another.

What do you think?

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