Why It Is Important To Put Tape Over your Webcam

Over the years, c***e has evolved. In most cases, the modern c****s we encounter now would be mugging, sleight of hand, and any other with physical contact. Many of us fail to realize that having access to one’s personal device can actually be a means of c***e. When we speak of cyber security, most of us tend to think that not to much clicks would be fine; most of us think that staying away from harmful environments in the web is enough. Moreover, people think that having a good antivirus software can be key. However, I’m not saying that is untrue; there still are people out there good enough to penetrate whatever security there is just to juice out everything from their victims. Although all mentioned in the above are essential, we tend to forget one single important thing – our webcams.

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Mark Zuckerberg, a co-founder of Facebook does it. Being a well-educated man in the field of technology follows this rule. Obviously, he wouldn’t do it if he knows it’s safe, right? Even former FBI director James Comey, patronizes this scenario. These men who are well-equipped and knowledgeable in the field clearly knows what they’re doing. And us? Normal people who use and utilize devices everyday don’t even bother to think about it.

Think of it as being safe, not being “on-trend” and “paranoid”

If you come to think about it, cameras are now everywhere. All of our devices, smartphones, laptops, even desktops, they have cameras. Leaving it on without proper protection? It can be more than risky. There have been reports on people hacking other people’s cameras and microphones to spy on them. Yes, these tech-savvy criminals are now evolving and they’re still up to no good.

Don’t think that it’s true?

For instance, in 2011, there was an incident where a man was sentenced for six (6) years. The reason why? Because he was reported to have been spying on more than 100 women – most were under 18 – through their webcams. He then tried contacting his victims by asking them more photos of them n***d while threatening them if they don’t, he’ll leak the hacked photos and videos of them that he had in possession. Take note, this man is walking with a wheelchair and he still had the power to do this.

There have already been a lot of instances of this c****s

It’s better to be safe than sorry

So what further actions can you take as regards this news? Well, a little bit of tape can do the magic. Yes, taping of covering up your exposed webcam with a small piece of tape can actually do the trick. Especially if you’re always on-the-go and connecting to different wi-fi locations; or when you’re always out exposing your usage of your device. Clearly, these goons will know that you’re always on your laptop and will have the hint that you can be vulnerable with it.

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Laptopmag, one of the leading sites about laptops never forget to remind us:

“If you’ve got a computer in your bedroom, put black electrical tape over the webcam. Cut off the plug from a broken pair of headphones and stick it in the microphone jack to disable the external microphone,” they say.

If you come to think about it, it’s just about being safe, really. Disregard everything else or whatever will think of you, at least, you’re just trying to free yourself from all crooks and c****s that can possibly happen.

“If you’re talking about something and you’d rather the conversation didn’t leave the room, make sure there are no smartphones or laptops in the room. If you’re a company executive discussing sensitive information in a meeting, do the same. Your friends may think you’re a nut, but that’s their problem,” Laptopmag added.

In conclusion, putting a little piece of tape over your webcam can make a big difference as it can protect you from unwanted privacy invaders and criminals.

Mark Zuckerberg does it, Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee does it. What is there to lose? Who knows, maybe by doing this, you’re saving yourself from something or some entity trying to get inside your system to either give you headaches or nightmares.

Whenever you’re out, just put a piece of tape over your webcam to shield you from potential criminals. Or even when you’re just at home and you’re not using it? Just try to keep safe.

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