A Font That Could Improve Your Memory?

This can help you memorize more and better

Ever wondered about different ways and strategies on how you can improve your memory? To be practical, there are numerous ways on how you can improve your memory without the use of chemicals. Simple times like reading and studying on a full tummy, during the night,
and so on. However, has it ever crossed your mind about the fonts that you read? Apparently, there’s a specific font that could drastically improve your memory. It’s a totally simple and Science-backed breakthrough that had academics wondering why  they weren’t aware of this earlier.

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There are a lot of books, programs, and online resources people use to gather information. We’re no longer in the era where we rely on books, newspapers, and magazines alone. As a matter of fact, you can learn new things every single day simpler and easier. The question is: how much do you remember from the things that you read? It all boils down to that, right?

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RMIT Scientists at the University of Australia just previously designed a new font. It’s use? Well, to help us remember what we read. This new typeface is especially beneficial to people who easily forget what they read.

The Font that could improve your memory is called Sans Forgetica. It’s a tiny font and a bit difficult to read. What this does is that it convinces your brain to work twice as hard to comprehend what it says. With deeper focus and a more complex tone, you will be able to have a strong recollection of what information you just gathered.

Going back to the fact that this is Scientifically proven, this is neither a theory or just an assumption. Sans Forgetica is a legitimate tool which can hone your ability to recall information. Academics and researchers from RMIT University’s School of Design worked hand-in-hand with a typographer named Stephen Banham and the school’s Business Lab.

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They worked on forging the perfect font to help people who study and who look at information regularly to recall what they’ve studied. Researchers made a note saying that this certain font utilizes cognitive psychology which makes an effect known desirable difficulty.

Desirable Difficulty is a term coined by Robert A. Bjork in 1994 which makes a person perform a certain task with a reasonable  amount of effort which overall improves long-term performance. Banham, RMIT’s typographer, said that the design was made with other professionals’ insight. He had help from RMIT behavioural economist, Jo Peryman, and marketing professor Janneke Blijlevens. Who are both specializing in design-thinking and experimental methods.

Image taken from DesignTaxi.com

Sans Forgetica stands out among all other fonts because it’s “backslanted,” meaning, it’s not like conventional typefaces which are leaning to the right. Furthermore, the letters are incomplete, yes, they’re incomplete.

Those gaps are there to basically trigger memory by way of our brain’s impulse, which is, of course, to resolve those shapes,” Banham said.  It slows us down because our brain will spend the time trying to kind of almost solve the puzzle. That slows the reading down and that triggers memory,”he adds.

Out of the 400 Australian University students who were gathered for testing, the students who used Sans Forgetica had a 10 percent boost in memory retention than those who read using the standard Arial font.

The font uses principles of cognitive psychology to create an effect known as desirable difficulty, “in which minor obstructions to learning  processes cause the brain to engage in deeper cognitive processing. The result is improved memory retention,” said the researchers.

Where can I download this font? Is it for free?

You can get this font from sansforgetica.rmit and yes, it won’t cost you anything. Moreover, you can add this specific typeface as a  Chrome Browser Extension. That might be a little bit odd but adding it as a browser typeface or font will make everything in your browser in the same font.

In our generation, most of the learning material we have is digital. It’s made like this in order for you to have access to it anywhere, anytime. Who knew that a font that could improve your memory is existent? With all new techniques, tools, and researches out there, it’s difficult not to find things that would have a positive impact on whatever we do.

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Do you think that this silly-looking font is really a tool you can use? Are you comfortable in using this font for academic and studying purposes? If this sounds new to you, you might want to have a test-run. Who knows? Maybe this could be what you just need for your memory to be at its best.

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