Have a Headache or a Migraine? A Banana Peel On Your Head Can Surprise You

Millions of people experience headache every single day.  These headaches can range from a mild, minor feeling to devastating and severe pain.  While medications in many forms can soothe the pain, some of these can provide side effects.

One example would be the feeling of dizziness and sleepiness as reported by people who take medications for migraines.   Although these side effects are not that health-concerning, it still can halt proper functioning of individuals.  Some even reported to feel worse after taking these medications.  Because hey, who wants to take medication and feel even more sick?

migrane medication

In this article, we would be covering some of the better, natural ways of soothing that headache.

Lavender oil for a bad headache

One of the more effective natural cures for headaches is Lavender oil.  To maximize its effect, boil four to six cups of water and add at least seven to eight drops of Lavender oil.  Make sure that the water to oil ratio is proportionate.  Breathe in the vapor; do this for about 10 minutes every 2 hours if your headache does not go away.

You can directly apply Lavender oil to your temples and forehead as well to help soothe the pain.

Water is always good

Naturally, the nature of headaches is lack of water.  The supply of water inside your body is insufficient which is why you tend to feel the pain in your head.  Mental fatigue, memory problems, and mental confusion can result when the brain isn’t properly hydrated. Grey matter in the brain actually shrinks, and chronic long term dehydration can cause the brain to age prematurely. Drinking filtered spring water is the best way to stay hydrated,” according to Brain Spade. 

Banana peel and ice packs

Banana Peel

Having a severe migraine?  Try placing a Banana peel over your forehead.  This method is known to lessen or even remove severe migraines from people who are experiencing it.


Both the tea and supplement form of feverfew is effective in soothing your headache.  This miraculous herb is very effective that it even prevents the beginning of migraines.  Although some results of the usage of this herb is mixed with some saying that it reduced their migraines while some did not have improvements.  You might want to try this natural migraine-soothing herb.


A certain research suggests that drinking coffee with a pain reliever provides up to 40% more relief than just coffee or medication alone.  Why? Well coffee is an anti-inflammatory agent so drinking this can actually reduce and prevent migraines.

Although these remedies won’t cure your migraine 100% of the time, these cures are natural and won’t give you side effects you would not like.  They are remedies that can provide relief for headaches and migraines without you going out to buy medication.  So the next time you feel something’s up and around your head, do not hesitate to give this a try.

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