Instantly Clean Your Burnt Pan or Pot with Two Simple Ingredients!

You don’t have to be extremely messy, you know…

I know that all kitchen-lovers had this dilemma; you are not alone. In fact, a lot of our pots and pans suffer burns because of use. A lot of us think that scrubbing it forcefully does the trick. Although it does, it will actually require you to exert maximum effort and while you do that, you won’t arrive at the exact resolution you want because it just ain’t enough.

Clean Burnt Pots and Pans
This image was taken from Bob Vila | | Scorched Pan

Don’t worry, we got you. We just recently found out a simple trick that could easily answer a worldwide problem. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and you don’t need harmful and complex chemicals to help you with it.

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A Reader’s Digest writer recently shared her experience in cleaning the bottom part of her pots and pans. According to her, scorching pans and pots are inevitable because they also go through the wear and tear process.

Luckily she was able to find a way on how she can clean it properly without the use of too much chemicals and without exerting a lot of effort.

How did she do it?

Well, to instantly clean your burnt pan or pot isn’t such an easy task. If you were like me, you would’ve searched for a material or an ingredient that would aid in making your pots and pans good as new.

The only ingredients she needed in this were just:

  • Water (Obviously)
  • Vinegar (doesn’t have to be apple cider)
  • Baking soda

Yeah, I know, you can find this easily in your kitchen! These ingredients are not too bad,right? They’re cheap, they’re easy-to-find, and they’re not harmful!

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Here’s how she did it:

  1. Fill the pot or the pan with water for the water to cover the bottom.
  2. Once covered, pour in a little bit of vinegar to the water. The recommended amount is about one (1) cup of vinegar.
  3. Once you have those in, you need to bring the liquid to a boil. If it comes to a boil, remove the pot or the pan from the heat and drain the liquid – do not dry. CAUTION: This is hot so make sure you won’t be burnt.
  4. Once the liquid gets drained, sprinkle some baking soda on the pat or the pan (few tablespoons are sufficient). Any vinegar left on the pan might create a bit of fizz when it comes contact with the baking soda so it might be messy – do it on the sink.
  5. Some tried to do it differently by adding a small portion of water to turn the baking soda so that it looks like a bit slurry. With this slurry concoction, you spread it on the scorched or burnt part of the pan or pot and let it sit for a few hours. Doing this will make you scrub with lesser and lesser effort.
  6. ATTENTION: If you need less time, you can do it now. You can skip and disregard step #5. However, this might require you to exert more effort in scrubbing. But if you want to do it immediately, get a scouring pad and start scrubbing the burnt parts of the pan. Doing this continuously will allow the burnt food to just wash away from the pan or the pot.
  7. Rinse it thoroughly when you’re done so that you don’t leave it with the baking soda and vinegar combination you cleansed it with.

This is just one of the best and easiest ways on how you can repair and fix scorched and burnt pans. Another way is by using salt; with the minerals and the contents of salt (its abrasiveness), it can help with sticky, burnt material.

Same with dryer sheets, tartar cream, or whatever that can help. This guide is for people who want to give in less time and effort and of course, expenses in doing so.

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So, the next time that you have a burnt pot or a scorched pan, you know how to eradicate them in the best and easiest ways possible.

Does this work with dishes, too?

Plates have different material so this might be not the most effective method in scraping off unwanted leftovers. Don’t worry, we won’t miss out on that part; we will try to find the best things you can wash dishes with.

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What do you think? Were we able to help you with your pots and pans dilemma?

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