Night Time Habits That Make You Gain Weight

It is a known fact that not sleeping enough can make you gain weight. Researchers and scientists actually came up with data as regards this study and laid upon scientific terms which not everyone can understand. Along with that, it is also said that during the night, our bodies tend to behave in a different way from the day. Here are night time habits that are actually the main reasons on why you can’t trim down those unnecessary pounds.

When you’re not getting sufficient sleep

Not Getting Sufficient Sleep

The problem with not getting enough sleep is your metabolism becomes  slower. The other consequence it does is it makes you feel hungry and it increases your cortisol level. You exercise less because you feel tired due to lack of sleep.

It is a known “must” that everyone should sleep at least 8 hours a night.

If you are eating too much at dinner

One who eats too much may result to slow digestion most especially at nighttimes. At the point while watching TV you tend to eat junk foods particularly and this also makes you eat more. It is highly recommended to choose a light dinner that mainly consists of proteins and vegetables.

When you go to bed right after dinner.

Never go to bed right after eating because it will make you accumulate more fat cells. You also might develop digestive problems too so it is better to have your last meal at least 1.5-2 hours before bed.

Fried food for dinner

Eating fried food during dinner is not advisable because it has many calories that you won’t have time to burn off. With this, you will gain more fat cells which can result to you not sleeping well. Experts suggest that one should opt for baked, grilled, or steamed recipes at night.

When you eat spicy food at dinner

Having spicy food can always lead to poor digestion which can result to you to not being able to sleep well. Aside from this, spicy food can provoke heartburn. Though there are studies that spicy food is actually good for speeding up your metabolism but it is not really recommended that you consume them at night.

Cereals or other carbohydrates for dinner

Eating cereals and carbohydrates would give you extra energy that you won’t use while you’re asleep. It is recommended to have smoothies or fresh fruit, all kinds of salads or high-protein foods for dinner so that your body can directly absorb the nutrients from those healthy stirred food.

If you love eating dessert at night


 Eating white sugar and flour transform into fat cells. You can’t burn those calories off at night while you’re asleep. So, instead of having cakes for dessert, maybe it’s time to call off fruits for dessert. It’s like healthy candy where you won’t hurt your waist.

You snack after dinner.

If you overeat and get through empty calories, you get extra energy that will keep you awake all night.

It is recommended to have something light and healthy with less than 200 calories for late or midnight snack and should avoid eating bread, cookies, or any other sweets after dinner.

If you learn to skip dinner

Skipping dinner doesn’t help you lose much weight because skipping meals can gradually decrease the speed your metabolism. In addition to that, it’ll only make you feel hungrier when you have your next meal and the chances of you eating more in that is completely high. The tendency is that, you will lose muscle tissue and your skin gets loose. Therefore, at least try to eat a piece of fruit if you don’t have time for a decent dinner.

If you consume a*****l or caffeine.

Caffeine and a*****l contain calories that affect your sleep and might even enable you to develop unhealthy regimens in you sleep. Try having natural fruity smoothies or hot milk. Constantly finish your day with a glass or two of drinking water.

When you use a cell phone or computer before bed.

Use Computer Before Bed

Ever wonder why it is so hard for you to sleep at night when you’re in front of your computer or your phone all day long? The blue light emitted by those gadgets affect health and sleep. The radio frequency waves cause sleep deprivation. It is better to turn devices off at least one hour before bed.

You go to bed late every night.

If you are used to going to bed past midnight, well that might be one of the factors that make you create more fat because it’s not the natural body cycle; you will want to eat something early in the morning. You should practice to go to sleep as soon as you feel sleepy. If you feel upbeat by the end of your day, try to include some physical exercises.

These activities may be to blame if we are having a hard time losing weight. Perhaps most of us are creatures of habit because it has been our daily routine. But it isn’t too late; we can still recover from these not-so-good habits – Just try doing the right things and you’ll be better than fine.

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