What Would Happen If We Replace All Drinks With Water?

Water is the only drink that was naturally made and therefore, it’s the only drink we can trust with our health.  60% of our body is built up by water.  So in conclusion, it is the most important resource for our bodies.  With that being said, most of the people would think all other drinks can be compared with it.  However, that is not the case.  Sugar, salt, and other substances cut down the water levels from the drinks.

Let’s cut to the chase.  What would happen if we only drank water?  According to some researches, going natural in place of all other drinks is pretty significant.  Here are some reasons why.

It makes you become more creative and intelligent

Replace All Drinks With Water

When we drink water, we intake Hydrogen and Oxygen.  To subtly remind you, water is H2O and it is full of these two elements.  Because we lift up our oxygen intake, our body is not short of nutrients and minerals.  Therefore, it enables us to be more creative and intelligent.

Your cardiovascular system improves

Your cardiovascular system improves

This natural drink is considered “oil” of the bodies because it provides everything we need to move and function.  It helps our circulatory system and it reduces our hearts burden remarkably.  One study suggests that people who drink 5 or more glasses of water a day, were 40% less likely to encounter heart and cardiovascular diseases.

You will feel more full

In dieting, a lot of dietitians recommend having a bottle of H2O with you all the time.  Why? Because when you feel hungry, you can chug on this bottle instead of finding something to munch on.  Some people who underwent this technique reported that this is effective; that it reduced their calorie intake substantially.

There have been studies that drinking 16 ounces of water every morning improves your metabolism. If you’re trying to start a diet, sticking to water is a powerful move.

The immune system improves

The immune system improves

Multiple studies and research proves that water improves the immune system.  One is that it provides sufficient amount of oxygen for the production of white blood cells.  Another thing is that it provides enough fluid for the mouth and the eyes to carry out their basic functions.  In addition, they also aid eject bacteria, dust, and other harmful organisms.  On a side note, pathogens and microorganisms often enter the body through the eyes and the mouth.

If I were to generalize this, I would say H2O is a bit essential to our overall health.  Without it, we would be weaker, unhealthier, and more sustained.  To ensure good health, make sure to carry and consume enough water so you know all of your systems are working accordingly.

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