Relieve Headaches In 5 Minutes Without Using Pills!

We’ve talked about headaches multiple times; we even discussed different medication for different types.  In reality, there are multiple reasons why you can have a headache; it can be lack of sleep, dehydration, or something inside your head that won’t make you fall asleep.  In fact, it is terribly difficult to trace down the cause.

There are medications and pills you can take to relieve these. However, in ancient Chinese practice, they have a natural way to relieve the thing bugging you.  If you get the pain more often than you think, visit your doctor and ask about it.

But if you think that the pain is just for a visit, trying traditional Chinese medicine is a good shot. You’re in a win-win situation here, why?  Firstly, you don’t have to spend too much on artificial medicine.  Secondly, you can do this in the comfort of your own space.  Lastly, you don’t need to follow a prescribed schedule taking in pills and medicine.

To start off, what we’re talking about is called acupressure.  This is the pinpointing of the channels in your body that lie along the meridians which you can have focus on to relieve pain.  If I were to be asked, I would say that this is the easiest self-treatment anyone could ask for.

Here are a few of the acupressure techniques that can relieve your headache FAST.

Squeeze the back of your neck

Squeeze the back of your neck - Headache remedy

Beneath the base of our skulls around the middle of our necks is a pressure point reflexologists call “Heaven’s Pillar.”   To give it to you in detail, they are actually two points having an inch apart.  Squeeze these points if you feel tension and weight along the back of your neck.  In addition to that, they say it also helps relieve a cough as well.

Slightly pinch the spot between your eyebrows

Relieve Headache - Slightly pinch the spot between your eyebrows

Feel a headache somewhere around your forehead?  Pressing the spot in between your eyebrows can help relieve it.  Press it on for 30 seconds to a full minute and if it doesn’t help relieve the pain, try other pressure points on the back of your neck and in your hands.

Squeeze pressure points in your hands

Squeeze pressure points in your hands

Well most of us have read things about this and this is actually what reflexologists call the “Union Valley;” this is the mushy part between the thumb and the index finger.  If you feel the pain on the frontal part of your skull/head, press it firmly for a minute.  This can relieve the pain quickly.

Press the left and right spots of your nostrils to relieve sinus headaches

Press the left and right spots of your nostrils to relieve sinus headaches

No, not exactly on you nose but on its side.  Press it gently if you are experiencing a bad sinus.  This opens it up and relieves the pain that sinusitis causes.

Squeezing the side of the nose bridge can be a good aid too


Additionally, squeezing the side of the bridge of the nose can also relieve not only sinus headaches, but frontal and median headaches as well.  This clears up the sinus and ensures that smooth flow is happening.

We are not physicians who can guarantee complete relief after doing these practices.  Again, these practices were part of traditional Chinese medicine that are utilized to relieve pain in the head.

You don’t need to pay for anything, you don’t need to be in schedule; just try and follow these.  Besides, you won’t lose anything for trying.

Have a headache?  Try these natural pain relievers that ancient Chinese people did and conclude if you really need medication or not as some pains are not bearable.

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