The Most Common Types of Headaches and What They Mean

Headaches are probably one of the fewest things that rarely happen but when they do, they really turn the day around. It happens to everyone – everyone hates them. Headaches can be a little mild but it can also be severe. It can hurt a certain part of your head and it can expand to the whole of your head.

Many of us do not know this until now but, headaches are not only pain that can be caused by your eyes or by being awake for a long time – they root from something and the pain you have in your head is the side result of that cause.


An infection that causes your sinus to fill up is one of the most common types of headaches. These headaches are usually the ones felt around your eye/s and in the forehead. This is like the side buddy of having colds.

Treatment: Drink plenty of water. Try nasal decongestants and antibiotics to free yourself from your colds and your headache.


Stress is one of the main causes of headaches. You can feel the pain across your forehead in a circular formation. This usually comes when you are feeling stressed or when you are under anxiety, or when you going through an emotional part of your life.

Treatment: Proper breathing and meditation can do the trick for you. Along with that, make sure to drink plenty of water and to have proper rest.


Allergies are a main source of headaches especially when they go out of control. It is because of the blockage of the sinuses and the pressure you feel in and around your head. Allergy headaches oftentimes go along with itchy eyes and face – you will feel the pain all over your head including your face.

Treatment: Rest and plenty of water. Antihistamines and Cortisone medications but ask your doctor first because you might also be allergic to some medications.


Cluster headaches is the type of headache that is experienced more by men than women. There is no real known cause for this; it might be because of vices, genetics, or lifestyle. This type of headache is severe and can be felt around the eyes. It can make your eyes watery and the pain can transfer from one eye into the other.

Treatment: Prescribed medication is usually the best way to soothe these.


Migraine is bloodline related. It tends to run among families and if yours has a history, then you might experience them more often than others. The pain can escalate from mild to severe; the pain is often felt on the left side of the face up to the head. This can last anywhere from four to 72 hours depending on how you treat it.

Some people experience vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to light and/or sound.

Treatment: Proper medication and sufficient amount of rest.


This is one of the most common types that are both experienced by men and women across the globe. The pain is usually felt in the temples, in the back of the head, and down the neck; the pain can be from mild up to severe. This type of headache is usually caused by strain on the muscles and the tissue that connects the neck to the scalp. This can be caused by fatigue and emotional stress.

Treatment: Aspirin or any painkillers. Stress management and rest can also alleviate this occurrence.

Digestive Issues

Do you ever have this headache when your stomach is acting up? This pain is something that is caused by something you ate. Another reason is that you might just be hungry so sometimes, it is something you did not eat.

There are times when this type of headache is caused by food allergies, additives, and sensitivities. If you frequently feel the pain across your forehead and in the temples + eyes, then you need to back up and reassess your diet.

Treatment: Contact a nutritionist because you might need to cut down some of the things you eat. Drink plenty of water.

Do you get headaches so often? Were you able to determine what types of headaches you are experiencing? Be sure to take good care of yourself and remember that a headache is not just a headache.

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