16+ Travel Tips Revealed by Flight Attendants

If you fly often, then you better have these in your arsenal…

People, especially Filipinos, dream of traveling. As a matter of fact, a majority of Filipinos even take the chances of working and living outside the country just for them to fulfill their dreams. However, a handful of our countrymen have no clue on flying.

The best travel tips from flight attendants
This image was taken from Pixabay || Pixabay.com | Travel tips from flight attendants to help travelers

Yes, some Filipinos are still not aware how flights work; some still don’t know how they can make the most out of their booked flights; how they can save money; how jet lag works, and so forth.

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Although these things come right out of experience, some flight attendants were good enough to share and to let other people know a few tips that could drastically help and improve every flyers’ experience in their next flight.

Why do flight attendants know about these stuff?

Well, other than the fact that airlines and airplanes are their second homes, they spend around seventy (70) to eighty (80) hours above ground each month. Just imagine how that is for them. Having said that, flying, to them, already became second nature. This is why most of them already know a lot of things and tips that even frequent flyers are not aware of.

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The tips that we were able to gather ranges from different tips on how you can pack to saving a lot of money on your next flight – even battling jet lag.

Clothes-roll technique

If you’ve been on social media all day, chances are, you have either read or heard about this. A user said that one way to help you save space in your luggage is to roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Just to be clear, rolling the clothes doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to free up a ton of space for your suitcase; it’s good and it’s efficient but it won’t make your suitcases 50% bigger.

If you are wondering how this can be, you can check out Southern Living’s tutorial on how you can do the clothes-roll technique.

Do NOT change currency at the airport

Currency rates in the airport are infamous for being the worst and unimaginable. If you need to change your currency, do it before you arrive at the airport or at least when you are already out of the airport.

Even if it’s just a few cents, if you look at it on a larger scale, it’s still something.

No items with metal

Before flying, airport officials will check you for what type of clothes you are wearing. This means that they will be checking and scanning your whole body. Then, if you are wearing anything with built-in metal, you might just be stressed because the scanner will be triggered.

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This, probably, will lead to more screening and a much more hassle experience.

Talk to your flight attendants

Flight attendants are flight attendants for a reason. They should be friendly, hospitable, and approachable. If you’re a newbie in flying and you don’t have any means of finding out where you can go, what best places to eat in, then asking your flight attendant about it might be the best thing to do.

Don’t be lost at the airport

Even if you’re coming from your home country airport, if you’re not regular flyer, chances are, you’re not sure how the airport looks like as a whole. It won’t hurt to do a bit of a research on how the airport’s layout is, right?

You should have your own flight entertainment

If you watch movies which include a lot of traveling, then you would see that some airplanes include a few entertainment choices. However, this can cost you a bit of cash which you might regret after your flight.

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So, the best thing to do to be able to save money and to have entertainment while on board, is, of course, to bring your own flight entertainment. You can bring a book, a tablet, some paperwork you need done. Remember, nowadays, nothing’s cheap!

If you have a cold, postpone your flight

High altitudes can cause our ears to experience pressure, right? If that’s already bad, try doing that while you have the common cold. It’s not just going to damage your eardrums, there are chances where you could temporarily lose your hearing; at least for a short period of time.

Bring a flat iron for your clothes

Going on a business trip where you need all of your clothes properly ironed? Some hotels don’t have irons for free so, you need to provide yours. If you have this dilemma, don’t ever bring an iron because it can be too much for the weight of your luggage.

What can I bring then? You know the iron for hair? Bring that instead. It provides a heated surface which is similar to an iron – it can effectively remove unwanted creases from your clothing.

Pack things you just NEED

Some people underestimate the weight of things, especially their clothing. Pack things you would only need for your time in your destination. You might be surprised at the weight of things.

Even a few extra underwear can actually have a weight you can’t imagine.

This image was taken from Tortuga Backpacks Blog | blog,tortugabackpacks.com

Sit at the back of the airplane

Now, this sounds like it’s more of a myth. However, if you know the reason why, then you would know it’s legitimate. Being at the back of the airplane, apparently, can provide better service than those on the front. Why? Because the service room of flight attendants can be found at the back of the plane and the time they reach people in the front, some of the best items might already have been taken by those at the back.

Have an easy-reach small bag

When you fly, you would be allowed to bring a small bag that is not going to be part of the luggage you will be declaring. In this small and easy-reach bag, you must have important things and documents like:

  • Passport
  • A valid ID
  • Phone
  • Charger
  • Wallet

Make sure to bring overwear

Some people are not aware that airplanes get cold as time passes by. Since this is not information that is carried out by everyone, a lot of newbies suffer the temperature as their flight carries on.

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So, make sure to have layered clothing. This means that you can have a shirt on and a jacket over it. This is for you not to have a hard time adjusting your clothing when the temperatures change all throughout the flight.

Bringing of earplugs or headphones is not a sin

A lot of times, you will see people bringing earplugs or any other type of privacy item such as earphones or headphones when flying. This is for them to have more privacy when they’re traveling.

More so, it can be relaxing at the same time. Flying is an experience where you seek tranquility and contentment – don’t ruin it by allowing others to.

Adjust your sleeping pattern

Probably one of the best travel tips we can provide; if you’re going to be gone for a few weeks to a month or a few months, adjusting the time of your sleep in accordance to the destination you are going to is relevant. This can help you avoid jet lag when you arrive at your destination.

You can start a few days before you go so that your body is aware on the destination you’re headed to.

Avoid drinking water from the plane

If you can, totally avoid drinking water on the plane because most of the time, they serve tap water which is available on the plane itself. We have different tendencies and tolerances when it comes to liquid.

So long as you’re sure that what you are drinking is safe, try to avoid drinking from any other source. Bringing your own water is the best course of action to do in this specific scenario.

Disinfect anything when you are seated

You never know who the last person is who sat where you are seated. So, disinfecting everything from the air vents, the tray table, even the side handles is the best thing to do.

Getting sick is the last thing you want in this travel of yours, right? Yes, the plane and other staff members clean the plane but it’s still better if you know you ran a quick cleanup on it before actually using it.

Walk when you are up for a long flight

If it’s your first time traveling for longer hours, then don’t be stuck to your seat. You will have a few chances in your journey to walk and do it if you can. This can help you avoid muscle cramping and, sometimes, blood clots in extreme cases.

Just try to avoid the cabin and the way of flight crew when they are giving service. More so, if they ask you to take a seat, follow them and do so. Just because you read this doesn’t mean you have to fight for it for longer periods of time, you know.

A neck pillow or a neck massager is the bomb

This can help you have a better flight because it will help you relax more while you’re on board. If you can’t sleep, then put it on and do whatever you have to do. Lean, take a nap, play some offline games on your phone, listen to music, whatever you can do to keep yourself comfortable during your flight.

These are just some of the best travel tips we can provide. Although some flight attendants can have more tips, these are common and simple things that can actually give drastic positive effects the next time you travel.

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