Cancer Signs That People Ignore Until It Actually Gets Them

C****r has been one of the more medical problems that still doesn’t have an answer until today. Although we have chemotherapy, it still isn’t a sure thumbs up that the c****r will be gone. C****r symptoms are oftentimes ignored and is written off as nothing in the early stages; this is where the problem starts. They get too confident that it’s nothing and doesn’t really pay attention to it. It grows and grows until it gets the best out of you.

In this article, we will be relaying some of the symptoms that tell you that c****r is present. Some are c****r-specific and some are universal symptoms.

C****r-specific symptoms are the type of symptoms that are specific to the c****r that your body is telling you. For example on the breast; something on the breast is growing, it’s a possible symptom of breast c****r.

Universal symptoms however, are symptoms that are not specific in a body part but might be a possible c****r sign.

Frequent and weird-patterned urination

One of the more commonly overlooked symptoms of c****r is frequent urination. Although the chances of it being c****r is minimal, it can also be a calling of something different like diabetes and urinary tract infection. In most cases, the sensation of it should not be painful however if it is, it might be your body telling you that something is not right. If that’s the case, it would be best to consult with your physician about what’s going on.


If you’re having a fever and you’re unsure why, it might be your body fighting off c****r. Your body will have fever-trigger alerts if the c****r is locomotive; if it spreads from its origin to other points in your body. It causes the immune system to break and to become vulnerable; this is when the infection invades and conquers. In most cases, fever is the initial symptom of more serious conditions like leukemia and lymphomia. 

Regular changing of bowel movement

If your bowel movement is consistently shifting, you might be off of a more serious condition. If you’re experiencing somewhat a constant shift in your bowel and its movement, then it’s best to consult your physician for inquiries. Another thing you need to take note of is the pain in your abdominal area.


Although it’s sometimes normal, sores are not that big of a deal for some people. A sore throat, sore eyes, or plain soreness in general can be something that is saying that something’s not right in your body. Furthermore, oral and skin c****r are first often diagnosed from and through the sores. Soreness in the g******s should also not be overlooked. Why? Because c****r in the genitalia is first seen and diagnosed from that.

Random bruises

Bruises are normal; especially for women who are currently menstruating. However, random bruises in normal scenarios are something that should never be overlooked. Bruises in random situations or when you don’t remember bumping into furniture could mean that your blood is leaking and it’s why you’re causing bruises. Have yourself checked by a physician to see what’s exactly happening.

Sudden weight loss

Who doesn’t love losing weight? Although millions of people are currently dreaming of it right now, unintentional sudden loss of weight can be something serious. C****r is an infection that would steal EVERYTHING they can. Thus, it steals nutrients and vitamins in our bodies and that make us lose a significant amount of weight. If you’re losing more than 10 pounds in less than a month without the intention or without the idea how, then you should get help from a physician immediately.

Fatigue (Leukemia and colon c****r)

If you’re overly fatigued and you don’t have any idea why, it may be something that you should be thinking of. Leukemia or other diseases in the blood can be the reason why you’re always feeling exhausted or not-in-the-mood. When you lose blood, it causes your body to feel tired and less enthusiastic to perform specific activities. Colon c****r’s main early symptom is fatigue. Since it causes blood loss and improper digestion, it tends to make your body feel tired and out-of-place. If you feel fatigue most of the time, you might as well want to visit your doctor.

Coughing (Lung c****r)

Coughing is your body trying to free something that is out-of-the-norm in our bodies. If you are continuously coughing without any clear reason why, your body has a problem. Although it COULD just be allergies or your body releasing some kind of infection, if it’s productive, has blood, and if it has a pattern, ask for immediate medical help. Shortness of breath and pain in the chest area are also some of the symptoms of lung c****r.

Back & pelvic pain and bloating (Ovarian c****r)

These symptoms are often signs of ovarian c****r. If you’re regularly experiencing this, you might want to get checked immediately. Aunt flo and other ovarian conditions can also be the cause of these sensations; this type of c****r has a somewhat difficulty to treat because of its plainness and the lack of symptoms. But, if you are aware of these symptoms and have no idea where it comes from, getting immediate help could be the best action you can take.

Lumps (Breast c****r)

Although lumps are more of a universal c****r sign, lumps in the breast are a high-chance of breast c****r. If you have it, have it checked so you can have it removed or diagnosed because not all lumps are life-threatening. Lumps in the g******s can also be signs of g*****l c****r so never disregard or ignore them.

Chronic acid reflux (esophageal c****r)

If you’re experiencing acid reflux more often than you should, then have it first checked by your doctor. Catching this early can be a life-saver because this symptom can be an early sign of esophageal c****r.

C****r is something that is often passed unchecked and disregarded. Some cancers grow unnoticed and without a trace, but newly diagnosed and seen cancers can be cured. Classic symptoms of c****r are the “normal” things you might be experiencing everyday but you should never ever disregard them. If they seem normal at first, pay close attention to how your body reacts to it. If you think it’s something peculiar, have a visit to your medical practitioner for help.

As deadly as you think it is, c****r does take lives; do not let it affect you and the people around you. As early as now, pay attention to your body; take a few seconds to share this to your friends and family to spread awareness.

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