Did You Know That It Might Be Illegal to Throw These Things?

Don’t just throw stuff away!

On a daily basis, just like any normal human being, we dispose of our wastes – may this be small or large. However, did you know that there are things or wastes that are illegal to throw?

It's illegal to throw these things in the regular bin – or is it?
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In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has warned the public against the improper disposal of wastes that have been considered ‘hazardous.’

To avoid such scenario, the agency has issued specific guidelines for the proper disposal of household hazardous waste (HHW). Let us take a look at the specific things which have been considered illegal to throw.

Managing What We Throw

Since the idea of recycling became big, people have been given the chance to practice segregation. Segregation is simply the management of waste or the things that you throw out.

When it comes to thinking about what we throw to the bin, there actually are some things we need to contemplate further to avoid sparking danger; not only for yourself, but also for other people around you, too.

Without further ado, here’s the list of things that “could be illegal” to throw without proper guidelines.


Starting with number one: Asbestos. Asbestos is relatively harmless if undisturbed. However, it does become hazardous once the material has experienced any type of disturbance.

In fact, its fibers have the potential to become airborne that can be inhaled or ingested. This in turn can cause cancers – lung c****r being the primary example. It is why it’s illegal to throw these just anywhere.

That’s one thing you should know.

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Automotive or Car Batteries

These batteries must be immediately disposed of. This is because car batteries are wet-cell batteries that may contain lead-acid.

Lead-acid is very poisonous and flammable. It may even burn your skin if your skin comes into contact with it.

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It is most especially illegal to throw these in public areas. Proper and safe disposal is diligently observed with gasoline due to its highly flammable tendencies. Not only that, it may cause extreme skin irritation and severe eye injury as well.

Gasoline is very poisonous to humans and the environment alike.

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Motor Oil and Transmission Fluid

Motor oil requires regular maintenance and must be regularly changed. However, if you do it on your own, you must observe the proper disposal of its “waste oil” as it is called. Because this oil has the tendency to contaminate groundwater which can and will affect its aquatic life.

This is because waste oil has the potential to prevent sunlight and oxygen from percolating through the water.

Vehicle Tires

Tires are an essential part of your car. However, did you know your used tires must not be left just lying around anywhere? In fact, it is actually illegal to throw these just mindlessly and carelessly.

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Why? Because tires have the potential to produce acrid smoke once it catches fire and burns. The smoke it produces is extremely hazardous to the health and safety of humans and the environment.

Electronic Devices or Any Electronic Item

It is common knowledge that it’s illegal to throw these without proper care. Electronics are made up of small components.

These components contain multiple heavy elements such as mercury, lead, beryllium that are harmful to the environment. Furthermore, there have been several reports about it blowing up when it reaches a certain temperature.

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Rechargeable, Button, and UPS Batteries

Like automotive batteries, batteries used for our digital devices are toxic and hazardous to be disposed of just anywhere.

Batteries are made up of acid, nickel, lead, lithium, mercury, and elements as such that are highly combustible.

We all know what elder people say – batteries must neither be kept within your home or be thrown in the garbage.

Medical Equipment: Thermostats and Thermometers

These medical equipment are surrounded by controversy due to the mercury it contains. In fact, numerous states have already imposed restrictions upon its usage and have favored the use of digital thermometers instead.

The reason being is that mercury is a neurotoxin that can fatally affect the nervous, digestive, and immune system.

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What you see in this list are the top things that are actually harmful; and quite possibly illegal to throw out in regular bins.

In your opinion, are these things dangerous enough that it can cause hazard to people’s health, even the society?

Do you agree that the things listed must not be disposed just anywhere? What do you think will happen if people just threw these stuff in places where they throw banana peels?

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