This 58-year-old Filipino mom is spreading fun and loving on Facebook

Parents have always been our bestest friend and our fiery worst enemy. When we were still youngsters, we would often hate how they often scold us for not doing what is right and for telling us things that would make our ears sprout. But as we grow older, we slowly change the tide and see the good side of what they were doing.

Right now, most of our parents are smoothly getting on boarded in social media especially on Facebook and on Instagram. They are sometimes uneasy or awkward in social media but Estrelita Santos Calaoala of San Miguel, Bulaoan, has over 120, 000 followers on Facebook and has been entertaining thousands of people through her posts about her daughter and some random anecdotes. Her posts gather thousands of Filipinos everyday and who knows, maybe she’ll be known even more.

These are just a few of what mommy Estrelita posts. In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Calaoala utterly admitted that the reason for her joining Facebook is to monitor her daughter’s post – some kind of sneaky stalker tactic that would make he be aware of what her daughter is up to.

According to her, she never really expected that her posts would go viral and that she would be known as the prime motherly Filipino figure on Facebook. “Ganyan kasi kami mag-usap ng anak ko sa personal– basagan,” she said.

Despite her satire comedy and her humorous posts, mommy Estrelita of course, has the extreme ambiance and care of a mother to her children. Some parents view social media as an unhealthy habit of the youth nowadays but mommy opposes to that idea. “Tinuro sa akin ng social media kung gaano kadaling makihalubilo sa ibang tao. Malawak ang nararating nito.” She said truthfully. “Hindi ko akalain na sa ganitong edad ko ay sisikat ako,” she added.

She also enjoys being a life coach to some teens and even adults online. She likes the thought of being a “nanay” to everyone which is most about their love life. A lot of youngsters approached her virtually about the upcoming Valentine’s Day and what she said was: “Ang masasabi ko na lang sa mga anak kong sawi ngayong Valentine’s Day ay magsaing na lang kayo para di kayo mapagalitan ng mama n’yo. Maglampaso kayo ng sahig para luminis ang bahay n’yo. Maglaba rin kayo ng damit ng magulang nyo. Wag nyo lang tutularan ang anak ko dahil hindi sinasamang labhan ang damit ko.” 

How cool is it? Imagine your parent being this inclined in social media, you would have the world at your door.

Source: ABS-CBN

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